Moving towards a rack of gear . .

Good morning.
I’m considering moving towards building a rack (19" 3 or 4 units) and having that for opportunities to expand.

Currently, my setup has an Oto Bim, Sherman Filterbank 2 and a Ventris Reverb as my effects setup. The photo below shows how it all sits. However, I’m thinking about having a desktop rack which I can load up.

In my mind, this is a little bit like opening a Pandora’s box; my perception is that there are more opportunities to expand with a 19" rack. I’m also thinking that there are a greater number of rack based devices that I can exploit.

The pedals I have are great admittedly and I’m not considering this due to a discontentment with them. This is quite purely to open up an area to explore with devices that are currently outside of my setup.

I may be naively thinking that rack based equipment is more readily available, both new and second hand. I may also be thinking that there is a greater market for second hand effects and instruments in this form.

So . . . I guess I recognise that the motivation for this change is not initially one based on sonic quality but rather opening the door to a greater selection of equipment.

Finally, the pedals I have were bought for sound AND live performance. However, I sample them into my Octatracks so studio based equipment isn’t an issue.

Below is my current setup and a couple of photos of the desktop racks I’m considering.

Advice, as always, is appreciated.

Get a bunch of Midiverb II’s and maybe a PCM80. Done :slight_smile:

…and stick that Sherman on top. No 1u rack effect can replace that.

Presumably you’re getting a patchbay? Just checking

Patch bay is something on the horizon too if I go down this route.

By opening up this opportunity, an I expanding the capability of my setup in a way that is worthwhile? :thinking:

This is 2019 shoeracks is where its at!!


I’m a big fan of the 19" rack format. It is far easier for many to build up than it is to build out on a desk. I shudder at the thought of laying out this stuff across multiple desks.

The industry move to desktop modules annoys me to no end but thankfully you can buy sliding shelf units so you can pseudo rack your desktop modules. So yeah, go 19"!


@anon64972012 I would believe you and buy a shoe rack instantly if it wasn’t for that 19" rack to the left of it!

Yeah, that’s the feeling I get in relation to expanding in that direction.

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I can not deny my past, but the future is not 19" :kissing_heart:

There’s not much point in going down the rack route without a patchbay. Just think of all the routing possibilities at a drop of had directly in front on you. Otherwise you’re going to be continually routing around the back to connect your devices… I would get a slightly bigger rack, factor in a patchbay and further room to expand. You can also connect your pedals via your patch bay too


Now that’s the part where my bank account makes a gulping sound.

I though, love that moment.

Get a tc electronic fireworx. Amazing effects unit for the money

The good thing about old rack gear is it is easy on the wallet.

Zoom 1204 is a great value for a 1U FX with knobs.
And yea, Patchbay is essential.

I would recommend that you buy rack furniture that stacks so that you can add another 8 spaces, or whatever, as you add more gear.

I would also add a rack power conditioner to others’ recommendations of a patch bay. Cable management is another nice benefit of going the rack route.

Thanks for all the great advice. I’m likely to go this route . . .

As for the patchbay and the power management side of things, what devices should I look up. What’s a good choice for capability balancing cost?

You can buy new and get both for about $250USD.

I’ve no issues with my Neutrik NYS SPP-L. Switchcraft makes the fancy stuff if DB25 and TT cables are your thing.

I like something like the Furman M-8Lx because it has front illumination with a dimmer, as well as a front facing power outlet. You can go cheaper if you don’t want the lights and the price will increase if you add the voltmeter.

What’s the difference between plugging gear into a power conditioner vs a surge protected power strip?

Patchbays are relatively inexpensive but cabling does add up of course.

I recently decided to sell a bunch of my gear, and invest in building a rack setup of my dreams so this is a very timely post.

My rig centers around (and was inspired by) my recently acquired Roland Integra 7. I ordered a Louder Than Liftoff Silver Bullet to start out my signal chain for processing the Integra 7. The compressor I chose was the Stam SA4000 MKII with API mod. I also ordered a Korg MR2000 SSD to end the rack chain. Now, I’m considering going full slut, and also ordering the JuJu/Zulu bundle while there’s a deal:

I was planning on ordering one of these from AudioRax:

… but I really like the pic of the one you posted:

Would you mind sharing where you can get one of these?