Moving towards a rack of gear . .

The conditioner protects against surges but it also smooths and maintains a more consistent output. This can matter with AD/DA conversion since the convertors generate their clock rate from the voltage frequency.

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Thanks for the info, I guess if you don’t have a need for AD/DA conversion it’s not worth wasting precious rack space.

Digital synths and effects have convertors too.

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just checking out some other Furman power conditioners now, not sure i understand the units that have rotated plug points? i guess you need additional plug adapters.

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It does appear that Furman and others are US centric. I didn’t even realize that was the case.

Sorry to say but the IEC cables will certainly add cost to a 1RU power conditioner.

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I like the idea of plugging all your gear directly in the back otherwise it’s dongle city. Seems they’re hard to come by here in the UK at least.
I found one by Studio Spares but it’s only houses 4 plug sockets

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You know that bit in the conversation where you suddenly realise you are out of your depth?; that’s where I am now. Bloody power supplies seem a really complex side of things, and I thought it would be getting my head around a patch bay!

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Don’t sweat it, patchbays don’t require power, Just use a serge protected power point strip in the meantime for all your rack gear and get a power conditioner once you’re settled


Sorry, I live in the lightning capital of the world so power is important to me. LOL.

Ditto on what @fattyparts said. No need to stress.

I’m based in the UK. What patchbay and power unit could I be looking at? Cheers guys.

Samson S Patch +

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i found this video helpful

I’ve got some rack gear but I haven’t used it for ages.
I’d ensure it’s convenient to use in placement , triggering , routing.

I’m much more likely to use built in delay / reverb on analog4 etc than switch on external fx , mixer etc.

Okay, so I have a rack on the way (8U).

Now I am thinking about what to fill it with.

To put some perspective on this, I currently have my OTO BIM and my Ventris Reverb as my effects, as well as my Sherman Filterbank 2. I want to change the Ventris (which is absolutely beautiful sounding) and maybe the BIM - although I’m not sure if there is an alternative to the BIM in rack format. The Sherman will take up 2 U of the rack.

So, I’m thinking of around £1000 to fill as much of the rack as possible with things that will bring quality, variety and inspiration.

I think I will need something impressive to replace the Ventris -(why not just keep it? I want to have this in a rack format for uniformity in my music room) - what should I look at that would be a suitable replacement? I’m thinking second hand here.

What else should I look at? I looked at the Elysia Xpressor - 2nd hand £700. But that would a massive hit on my rack budget for dynamics machine.

So . . . I think I am looking for:

  • something that will enhance my drums (dynamics/compressor)
  • something to replace the Ventris (Reverb - Delay - interesting Spacial stuff?)
  • Something to possibly replace the BIM (crunchy 12 Bit delay)

I’m thinking of the Samson S Patch + as advised above; that looks a worthwhile addition too.

So . . . for £1000, what is the advice of the Nauts?

Cheers for your help.


A laptop with nice audio in/out interface , a plug-in host , some plugins…
Slide it in , small space needed.
Valhalla plugins , audio damage , d16 things , all lots of expensive ones I’ve never tried.

Longer term it’s more flexible .

Yeah, I’ve got my Push with Ableton and a range of plug ins. I worked that way for 10 years but lost inspiration. There’s nothing wrong with working in the box, and this isn’t hardware vs software snobbery. I just much prefer the tactile nature of the hardware.


I’ve moved away from racks over the years, especially with synths as I’ve never found them a comfortable position to work with, even with an angled rack. These days comfortable working placement is my main priority. For gear you don’t have to touch often it’s useful though. My body has plenty of aches and pains though which is why that’s important to me, in the past I’ve had gear racked that never got used simply because it was uncomfortable to work with.

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Yeah I can understand that.

As stupid as this may sound, I like the getting out of my chair and going “over there” to do “that bit”. I find sitting in one place makes me feel sluggish and seems to restrict my creativity.

The rack over there (not that far away to be honest - my room is relatively small) is something I think will be really beneficial for my mindset.

I’m excited by the idea and want to invest in it. Just need some pointers about what I should be looking for that represent quality, value and impact.

I’d be looking at the 1176 compressors and Pultek EQ clones by either Warm Audio and Klark Technic. Amazingly cheap and nail that sound, also staple work horses.

And I would keep those effects you mentioned as they’re aren’t rack equivalents and pedals are more flexible anyway