Multi-Track Recorder what do you use?

1010 Bluebox - love it!


I’m currently look at Zoom H6, since I don’t have, well, a handy recorder for recording in the field, live shows, band rehearsals, etc. I like the interchangeable mic capsules, 6-track recording, etc.

This bundle deal looks pretty good

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Interesting, thank you!

That sounds as if it might get me where I want to be, can I overdub or nudge tracks easily?

It’d be ideal if it could record in loops and beatmatch, but some basic editing and punch-in functionality would be cool. Wish the Blackbox had more simultaneous ins!

Honestly - I don’t know if overdubbing is possible.
I am using the device as a mixer with cool recording options.

If you are looking for loops and beat matching options - OT or 1010 blackbox might be the better choice!

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I use a vs2480 for multi tracking and an mv8800 for sequencing. They sync vis mtc over the rbus connection. It’s been rock solid to date. I’ve just bought a cf reader to replace my HD on the vs and I’ve also bought an external scsi2sd drive as well. I haven’t installed these yet but I’m hoping everything will be easy.


The most reliable multitrack I’ve owned has been the Yamaha AW16G - it stays in sync over MIDI and records simultaneous inputs fine, which is a small list of requirements but seemingly not always easy to achieve (and until recently, multitrack designers seemed to be boycotting MIDI altogether). It’s a bit of a clunker, though, and exporting tracks to CD-ROM is a futuristic convenience that’s turned into a logistical stone-age headache.

What’s particularly useful about it nowadays is that if a modern synth or device seems to have an unnecessarily complicated UI, you can fire up the AW16G and remind yourself that things could always be worse.