New Rytm : Noise hearable. Is it normal?

went totally bananas and went for the Dark Trinity.
What fun. But…
Bought the Analog Rytm today and I experience noise.
When I plug my headphone direct into the Rytm and have the Master volume at 12 o´clock its barley hearable. but at full volume its a lot of noise. Also when it´s at 12 o´clock and I raise the gain of the input on the octatrack.
My Analog four is fine. No noise hearable. Even at full Master volume.

Is my Rytm ill ? ;(

Maybe I´m doing something wrong ? I don´t have set anything on the Rytm. I have him since 2 hours.

Thank you & greetings

can you hear the noise on any pattern you play?

Hi guga,
it varies because of the distortion and compressor settings. It is always there, but varies in the loudness. When I set the input-gain higher on the octarack then its very hearable. I can put the input gain on the octatrack for the analog four all the way up and master volume of the A4 all the way up and hear nothing.

And the analog four is also a lot louder.

I run the test-mode and everything is ok. But the analog calibration failed with the message: calibration failed - synth cal 6.

does the sound change when you touch the box?

No the sound don´t change when I touch the box.
When I put the main volume on 12 o´clock and turn off compressor and distortion. when Its barley hearable. But then overall volume is to quite when.
I can´t image such noise is normal. Like I said the analog four is absolute quite.

Is there a kit loaded?

Yes a kit is loaded. And I tried another one. Guys on which setting do you have the volume of your compressor ? I lowered it to around 40 and its better. But not 100% sure if my Rytm is ok.

is it similar to this (Machines von Pad #2 slot causing noise)?

It takes some experimenting with all the levels to find the sweet spot. There’s some threads in here that will help quickly with tips. Kits are saved with FX and parameter settings. Try loading an empty kit.

Try to rap your head around the machine the best you can. If you still sense somethings not right buy the end of the wknd, contact support with as much info as possible.

Also, do a update and a reset.

No, it always there. Even if the machine is stopped. Like it has a really bad signal-to-noise-ratio like you mentioned… Is your new Rytm now so quite like the analog four ?

Hope thats clear, very tired. Good luck. Scan the manual download as much as possible

Thank you very much for the tips… I tried all the mentioned things like empty kits and playing with the different levels. But if i bring the Rytm on a good loud level to match the analog four the noise is very hearable. I would assume were can´t be such a noise on such an quality instrument and I have the analog four for comparison. Would like to know if other users also hear noise on their Rytm.

Yes, there can be some air. You could also have a bad machine, it happens.

Ok, i think i will drive to my music-shop on monday with my phones and compare with the demo-machine at the shop.

I will !

did some check and actually found out that the headphones’ output it is indeed a bit more noisier but it sounds like is related to the settings in the compressor. found also something else of which i’m not sure if is a normal behavior or not, i’ll upload a sample for comparisons

here I recorded the noise level from the Rytm. It´s playing straight out of the Main-outputs.
The Distoration and Compressor settings are very low. It would be practically unusable with this settings, because it would be not loud enough.

Here is a beat which has good loudness. Making use of some distortion and compression. At the end you can here the noise level ,when nothing is played.

Maybe I´m too picky, but the A4 has zero noise hearable at full volume.

test using the headphones output (main volume knob is in the middle, some of the compressor’s parameters are changed along the way. at around 1.30 i raise the main volume to maximum, compressor mix to 0)

Yeah, it´s like mine.So it´s seems normal ? I don´t know. I´m surprised because my OT & A4 are so quite. It´s such a difference. I´m using headphones the whole time. Maybe I hear too much. Really don´t know. I definitely don´t like it much. Would love to be quite like the other machines.