Novation is up to something

Wonder why it can be?

They wouldn’t make a hubub over a firmware update would they?

Edit: Fair dinkum


The post for those who don’t use IG. Sounds like we’ll know more soon!



I’m a broke Circuit Rhythm owner so I’m hoping the answer is yes. they would make hubbub over a cool new firmware updates.


in hope for firmware upgrades too.
Tracks desperately needs moar sample slots.

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Circuits rule, captain8. One day you will see the light


Hopefully they added some volume to the Rhythm and more stable tempo.

I’d be hyped on that

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I bought and sold the light twice , but omg if you only knew how much I love everything else Novation puts out.



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Tempest II :star_struck:


Well they just did a (much needed) update for the Peaks/Summit so probably not that…I also have a circuit tracks and rhythm so would love to see them get more love…especially the rhythm.

My gear lust would also be happy for something new, and tempest did die to young :slight_smile:

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I like this 24hr notice teaser, other brands take note please.

As others have touched on, it’s cheaper to hope for firmware (Launchpad Pro mk3 needs a lil love) but would be interested to see them iterate on Circuit Mono Station - maybe imbued with some of Peak’s character. Would also be interested in a new Launch Control XL (with MIDI DIN) and would like to see Novation tackle a drum synth - like others say, maybe informed by Sequential.


It’s going be a drum machine based on their drumstation. I said it first!!


Maybe an updated launch control xl. The design isn’t up to date to the other controllers


My guess is some sort of updated Mininova- maybe in a small keyboard format or maybe in a smaller format in the vein of the new Roland things. That seems to be the trend for this size gear company in the past couple years IMO. Not to say there haven’t been any flagship releases but I can’t see Novation releasing something that would be considered flagship right now. The mininova is close to 10 years old meanwhile the competing korg minilogue got a updated rev2 recently so maybe something to compete with that, or something to compete with the volcas. New circuits are really new too so a groovebox seems unlikely. But for all you know it could be just a new midi controller, I feel like they make tons of those.

303 killer for sure.

I hope it’s a Groovebox based on the Peak’s synth engine.


Whoa that would be cool. The cms is almost a groovebox with the afx sound locks and pretty good sequencer. Never used the circuit, but I imagine it would be cool with digital + analog synthesis

Man a drum machine or groovebox based on the peak would be killer. I have the mono station and both newer circuits. They’re fantastic, I would love some rhythm updates. Mainly the grid fx section, it’s not as smooth and quantised as I think it’s capable of being (pressing on and off).