Octatrack mk2 - The new high res encoders are amazing!

I have my old Octatrack and the new MK2 at home right now and is testing them side by side.
On the original Octatrack you cant (for example) close the filter from fully open in one motion and hit all the values without pressing down the encoder which leads to stepping. value 83-69-54 for example.

On the new MK2 without pushing down the encoder you hit all the values but without the need to spin the encoder several times. just one spin and u hut all the values 1-127 and can go from fully open to closed. It feels so good!


Do you have trouble accurately dialing in specific values when they’re spread across a smaller range of travel on the encoder?

I wonder if a drop in replacement for the MKI would be tough to find, it sounds like the difference is entirely in the encoders themselves, so as long as the actual form factor was the same it seems likely that you could just swap in new encoders that were otherwise the same spec as the old ones but with a higher resolution. Wouldn’t be that big a job really.

it feels very natural and responsive. No skipping or anything.

So it’s easy to hit a specific value without overshooting?

going from value 1 to value 2 is a very small movement which requires you to have a very steady hand.


Oh man about time.
Probably my biggest complaint with Elektron gear.
It should have been like this from the very first devices

i wonder if there could be a double press Function and another button whilst moving the encoder to get one value at a time every two millimeters of movement, for subtle adjustments.

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How do you like the dedicated buttons? do they make it that much easier to use?

Not possible. The new encoders are not actually encoders but sin/cos potentiometers.


Hi @hippie54 ,

is there an audio quality difference between MKI and MKII ?

Have you tried the digitakt and if so are they similar. I find the DT a little finicky and I don’t believe I’m able to do what you described.

Too bad. I figured that they were literally just higher resolution encoders than were available 7 years ago, not a different technology.

Although I suspect I’d find them too finicky, too. I tend to use the encoders for dialing in precise values and use scenes when I want to actually play a parameter.

the Machinedrum has two resolution options for the encoders, maybe the Octatrack could offer this in the future, perhaps.

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Just curious to know if anyone can speak to the “hi-res encoders”… How many params are benefitting from the increased resolution?

To clarify - I just want to know if there is an actual increase in resolution? So far I’m not sure I’ve seen it in the videos I’ve seen thus far.

So, you mean they are not high resolution and they are not encoders and its not a ball? :new_moon_with_face:
Mind = blown

Also curious about this :grin:

Is this a good thing? The old encoders seem better when dialing precise values. And that’s what precision is about, it’s not about dialing filter sweeps.

Sounds like the OT mk1 is better for live performance then as your audience will perceive your greater struggle with your knob twists


Check out my recent post. I replaced the original encoders with indented ones! They work wonderfully and now allow you to feel! every value. Very good for live!

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I asked @CarlMikaelBjork, apparently, it is still 128 values max. Different from DT.
Maybe difficult to change in OT’s OS.