Octatrack mk2 - The new high res encoders are amazing!

The new-style knobs in the DT and the OT MkII (assuming they’re the same; I only tried those on the DT) behave almost exactly like regular potentiometers (except that they’re continuous).

The benefit of this is that you can now “play” smooth and fast parameter changes live that are still precise and free of large value jumps. Think twiddling the pots on a TB-303 while an acid line is playing. :slight_smile:

The downside is that it might be a bit harder to dial in specific values. This might be annoying if you’re one of those people who likes to set everything to even numbers or multiples of 8…

Is there any chance OS has a part to play in any of this as well? Thinking more in relation to the smooth press and turn behaviour.

That was in relation to the sample start value… Haven’t done a systematic check of all parameters.


I love it, I still overshoot on the MK1 because it’s so long between values that i start to spin as fast as i can. On top of that you have to asign everything to the fader to make smooth changes in a live performance. On the Mk2 you can just play the knobs without stepping.

Because the there is no decimal values on the Octatrack Its still easy to dial in what you want.


Can you please do so, soonish?

I’m used to MkI knob behavior, not to A4’s. Not easy to use similar knobs with different behaviors…

I was looking at that the other day and might do it to mine when it’s off warranty.

Not likely. That does not sound like fun.


Alright. Let me rephrase. Are there ANY params you have noted as having an increased resolution?

Damn, you mean there are others that do this, too? I feel a little less bad about being so anal now.


Taking that as a no, then.

All the time. This is one of the reasons I love the Boutiques so much; they force me to just use my ears instead of trying to get nice values on the display… :confused:

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But to be fair - I don’t approach a new instrument in a comparative, researching fashion. :wink:

The software (firmware/OS) side of things is unchanged as far as I know. But the feel and precision (not in added decimals or resolution) might very well be perceived av increased.

I think.


I have both the Machinedrum and OT MkII. The Encoders on the MD are much much better for me than the ones on the OT MkII. On the MD when not pushed, they are a bit resistive to the turn and are easily adjusted in super fine increments, ie single digits. When pushed you get the fast mode. Perfect. On the OT MkII they are not resistive and even when not pushed they jump in large increments… As if the push option is not required and the fine tuning is gone… Not sure why that is but its a PITA!!


Totally agree. Much preferred the mk I encoders

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On MD there is a setting for encoders (Mechanical Settings or something). I don’t remember the value but after change it was similar to OT MKI.

There is no problem with MD encoders… There is a problem with OT MkII’s Encoders… if anything…:wink:

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Would be nice to be able to set the resolution in Settings or somewhere… these are important, and having them at the resolution you want is cardinal in a machine where the encoders ARE the instrument… Its like setting strings height on a guitar sort of…

My main gripe is setting program change and cc numbers quickly. Those usually have to be exact, and just like you, I struggle with dialing in the needed 1 unit increment/decrements…

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Totally agree the encoders rock on the OT. Elektron definitely put high quality ones on the MK2 devices they are a joy to use. I have used encoders on other synths like Waldorf and those leave much to be desired. The only tricky part is when I am setting MIDI channels the encoders can be a wee bit touchy.