Octatrack sending program changes

Can any one give me the 100% on this please!?

So if I am understanding this correctly you can only set any midi track to one program change value per part?
So I am trying to change the sequences on my MPC and analog 4 from the octatrack arranger, to creat the changes for different sections of tracks.
While I am fine manually muting and unmuting some things, to make bigger changes etc I want to switch sequences ( patterns).
So from what I understand I would have to make ex. the start of a track on part 1 with its own pc in the midi tracks
The drop on part 2
Break on part 3 and maybe a chorus on part 4?

Am I on the right track here?
Sorry if this is basic, I got program changes down in my DAW, but trying to wrap my head around that in the octatrack.


However, if you are prepared to organize all the programs/patterns on your other gear in advance, you can additionally/instead have the OT send a Program Change message on a single MIDI channel whenever you change pattern on the OT, by activating the PROG CH SEND setting in the PROJECT > MIDI > SYNC menu. This may or may not have the effect that you want, of course.


Ok, I am not sure I understand but thanks, I will look into it.
Basically I am looking to have the octatrack in arrangement mode, and my MPC and potentially analog 4 synced while I play some guitar over top.

I am also confused on OT program change behavior. The settings in Midi sync, which sends a PC to whatever pattern the OT has switched to is not what I want.

I can get the OT to send a PC to my Analog 4 from the midi track but only if I enter the setup (page 1) and select the PC and hit enter. But is that how it’s supposed to work? Is there is something in the manual that explains this? Is the PC for a pattern? I can’t get the PC to send from OT to A4 unless I select and hit enter from the setup on page 1 of midi tracks. Shouldn’t it send when I switch patterns???

There is a place in the settings menu on both OT and A4 where you can choose to have it transmit or receive program changes, and also which channel it is sent on or received from… they have to match up, and then it will all work seamlessly

you dont have to set that up with a MIDI track, thats just for selecting instruments

In the MIDI sequencer, the OT will send a Program Change message when it changes pattern to a pattern that is linked to a different Part. (You can think of a Part
as being like a kit of audio track settings and MIDI track settings.)

The value of the Program Change message (0-127) will determine which pattern your Analog Four switches to.

This usage is mentioned briefly on page 114 of the manual, in the description of the PROG setting on the NOTE SETUP page.


Thanks for the reply Peter. I see now on 114 that it the pc is only sent when switching parts.

Why is that? If the OT sends PCs on pattern change when send is checked in the midi sync settings why does there need to be a part change to set manually? I don’t want to make another OT part, just want the A4 to go to a diff pattern when the OT does, and not for every pattern change.

This gives you the ability to use standardized MIDI Program Change messages for the OT to control other instruments from its MIDI sequencer. The most likely example is to change the sound on an external synth: hence, the thought that the sound on the external synth is included in the Part as a component of a complete “Kit” of internal and external sounds, so that they can all be recalled at the same time.

From your latest description of your needs, what you should be using is MIDI Note messages to trigger the Multi Map on the Analog Four. Use the PAT.PLAY mode of the Multi Map. The full description is in the manual. I believe that @cuckoomusic has a video tutorial on the subject.


Don’t know which MPC you’re using, but I find the MPC1000 much better as a master arranger than any of the Elektron boxes.

I know I am kind of reviving a necro thread but here we go.
How are you working out switching octatrack patterns from the mpc?
Right now the octatrack and analog 4 are working great together and switch programs seamlessly but using the octatrack as a master and only getting 4 program changes based on the 4 parts isn’t quite enough anymore.
So I would like to figure out how people are using the MPCs to change programs on the octatrack.
I am on jjosxl mpc 1000 btw.

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You have 128 patterns, they can send a ProgChange via Midi > Sync > Pc Send

If you send via midi tracks, there are 16 banks containing 4 parts, so 16x4=64 possible Pc per track.

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So when I change pattern on the octatrack the analog 4 changes to the equivalent pattern, but that doesn’t do a program change to the mpc.
So if I use bank B I have 4 new parts to use for my patterns?
Not sure that’s the best way to go about it but it’s interesting.
I still would like to investigate sending pc messages from my mpc as a master, might be more flexible.

Ot can be Master (better for recording) and receive ProgChange.
Can’t you use the Pc sent to the A4 ?
You can also use a midi processor that can map a Control Change to Prog Change.

hey, I’m trying to work out how to send individual Pc’s per pattern from OT to AR, do you know if this is possible?
I seem to only be able to give one PC per track… I see some discussion regarding parts but 4 pc per bank is nowhere near enough. Any help much appreciated.

Yeah, you have to change part to send a different PC per track but there is also PC send per pattern in MIDI Sync Page.


Basically you don’t need program changes between elektron machines iirc, just set the right settings and use the same pattern numbers, they would just all follow suite.


Ok thanks… 4 changes is very limiting for me, I often use approx 16 drum patterns per ‘song’, basically a bank in AR.

When you say ‘there is also PC send per pattern in MIDI Sync Page.’ do you mean selecting ‘send’ under PROG CH? Does this mean the patterns have to follow in the same order on both OT & AR?

Apologies first week with OT.

Thanks again.

Thanks, looks like the best option for what I need, as far as I can see…

This is essentially correct, although to be completely accurate this pattern synchronization IS realized using automatic MIDI Program Change messages sent from the OT to the other instrument.



Activate PROG CH SEND and set the MIDI channel number in the PROJECT > MIDI > SYNC menu on the OT.

On the AR:

  • activate PRG CH RECEIVE in the GLOBAL > MIDI CONFIG > MIDI SYNC menu, and
  • set PROGRAM CHANGE IN CHANNEL in the GLOBAL > MIDI CONFIG > MIDI CHANNELS menu to the MIDI channel number that you set on the OT.