Octatrack Sunday

So I was thinking it might be fun for the community to do some kind of project. Also a good way to get the juices flowing creatively.

At the start of the year I did a project where I had to write and record a song every two days. It was great fun but is probably a bit too intense for some.

So here’s my idea. How about an octatrack Sunday? Every Sunday we have a theme and we all upload songs or videos that we created that week according to that theme. People could join in if and when they like and on the Sunday we upload all the stuff. We could make a simple tumblr or something to collate the files.

I thought videos would be best so we could all see what each of us is doing with the OT and generate some interesting discussions. Also videos would be useful for learning purposes for us newbs. However not everyone has a camera or the desire to take video so audio should be allowed too.

I figure themes should be vague so that a larger majority of the community can get involved. Projects like making while tracks from one sample are awesome but for some of the less experienced users a bit difficult.

So how about Halloween as a seasonal first theme? Keep it spooky and horrid? Who is interested in doing something like this?

Thoughts and comments.

Hey nedavine, great idea. I also thought about something. On the old forum they did such projects with awsome stuff coming out.

But for me the greatest challange would be to find the mood throughout the week to fiddle the machines.


Hehe love what you did with the graphics. :joy: Satantrack heheh
Im up for it.

Great idea! I still consider myself a Octatrack noob, but this is a good opportunity to improve :joy: I like the Halloween theme!

+1 nedavine! great idea, and i’ll definitely be up for it. shame that in two weeks i’ll be away from my OT for 3 months, but i’m eager to see what people come up with!

I think it’s a great idea. The theme idea should keeps things focused.

It’d be educational to have limitations each week like certain songs, “samples”, or or other source material to manipulate and compose. That way, others can see what can be done with the same material others were given to use. Y’know, learn intimately how one another did this or that with the original files. Maybe, I’m describing beat battles… but it doesn’t have to have a “beat”.

Cool, looking forward to receiving submissions.

The old forum had “Octatrack Labs” in which the idea was similar. For example for Lab #4 (I think), the theme was to create a piece using only the Wilhelm Scream.

This new forum is missing an Octatrack Lab subforum.

Don’t forget to get your spooky tracks in. PM the link and I’ll put them up on the tumblr. Let’s say the deadline is Sunday 8pm Tokyo time.

Also if anyone has any suggestions for the next theme, please let me know.

So far only one submission (although a very good one) which is a little disappointing. But I have my fingers crossed hoping a few late comers might PM me their links.

Because of the time difference, I wont upload the links until the morning (my time).

EDIT: First two submissions are up on the tumbr.


Its a shame only 2 submissions came up… hope next time more will join. Maybe it was the graphics you did on satantrack that got people scared… :imp:
Cool track nedavine :+1:

I actually intended to spend a bit of time on this this week and had a bare bones idea put together. Work kind of took over and then sleep and now I’m too late! Sake!

Anyway, I’ll share the cheesy amateurish effort I did, I dont have a camera so will just be a sound file. How best to do this? I’ve set up a Soundcloud account, will that help?

Will jot down notes about what I did too - will PM a link with chat shortly Ned

Haha I can’t believe how, well, crap my track is! Apolgies for the mix issues. And major apologies for that howling sound that goes on for basically forever!

Interested to see what OT Sunday 2 will hold.

Not quite like the old Octatrack Labs: the rules there was that you used what you were given and nothing else but the OT.

Otherwise it’s just “Gear Sunday”, surely?


I think you are right. Only octatrack should be used. I agree.

I thought it was an unspoken rule anyway! So OT only from me - which probably explains why my effort was a mess! :joy:

Hey guys J0n35y’s track is up on the tumblr too now. Thanks for that and please go and have a listen.

Well I take people’s point about only OT, however if I had pre-sampled my synths into it the track would sound exactly the same as it does now, just flex vs thru.

As for OT only, I suppose we could do that though, if people would prefer that. I’m just not sure I wanna make it about using only 1 sample or something EVERY time.

The idea was to be broad to get others involved. Also, I kinda wanted to get a chance to see how other people use the OT in their own set up. Not just for gear purposes but in the sense that the OT is often the hub of peoples set up and its integration with other gear is a BIG part of the OT’s appeal for me. Obviously everyone is different though and that might not be appealing to some.

I thought this week’s theme could be the LFO’s. I thought we could focus on doing interesting different things with them… but if people want to do something more akin to the old labs thing then please send me some more specific suggestions as I was never a part of the old labs so don’t quite know what to suggest.

As always, thanks everyone, especially J0n35y and Lemajik.

Lfo’s it is good sir i’m in.