[Off topic] Mission discussion / copyright

I would like to point out that this method of sending you the song and posting it to your soundcloud account might raise some suspicions:
as you probably know, Soundcloud has a monetizable plays method: what if for some reason the track produces substantial numbers of plays, who is it that collects that income? And again, since these songs are not protected by copyright, who is in fact the owner? Taking it one step further: what if you then release the hit track on streaming platforms and start making money from it?
Be careful, this method you propose is quite controversial, I’m sure you haven’t even taken into consideration all these details, but in case the track become a hit, strong misunderstandings would arise

I think if it’s a concern don’t participate.


Well, of course I won’t participate, and I believe that under such conditions no one should participate: if the track becomes a hit, the risk of being defrauded of one’s work is 100% guaranteed.
Now I believe that @blkrbbt proposed this method without any malice and without thinking too much about its possible backfiring, but since it can become dangerous for artists, maybe we could find a different and cleaner one.
Then yes, I’ll be glad to be in the game

The vast majority of tracks submitted to the challenges are short studies full of uncleared samples so the question of them being commercially successful is largely irrelevant.

I would suggest no one try to submit a commercial track they intended to monetize as a competition entry.


Or better yet, monetize the track BEFORE you submit.

Then everyone else can clout chase with the added exposure!


Actually forget that. I wouldn’t want to scare off new producers with such a high bar of entry.

Let’s just keep everything the way it is.

Fair play @BLKrbbt, even if you were getting a snippet of cash for every play I’d be more than happy with that, you put in the leg work so even if that was the case I’d say cheers fella have beer on me… I honestly don’t see why some people have to assume the worst of everyone and everything… Even if a tune of mine did blow up (which lets face it is highly doubtful) then I still have all the original project files to prove I made it… They only exist in one place and that’s my rig and @monquixote yeah that’s totally correct, we’d probably be taken to cleaners by the copyright police negating any financial gains…

Bloody preppers, probably in his basement making beats on a rig wrapped in tin foil just incase the CIA can detect a banger and Syphon it off through the ether


Haha hilarious.

Yeah, I got enough money to live comfortably. I’m not even monetizing my own tracks because it’s too much work with not enough gain.

Plus, that’s another great point about the project files.

Ugh. I’m over this.

Let’s just pretend this whole thing never happened and get back to sharing DnB with each other.


Your naive replies on the topic confirm what I already imagined: you are in complete good faith and you are not aware of how showbusiness works and the profiteering that surrounds it.
Great: mine is meant to be a brainstorming on how to keep things clean and 100% transparent. Actually no, I can’t think of any alternative method, but I’m convinced that by discussing it here, the idea can come out.

Nope. Wrong place. This is a thread about DnB production.

And I know exactly how show business works. I worked in Hollywood for years. I have credits on IMDB. (For real!)

This isn’t show business. This is a forum for music production. And this thread specifically for drum and bass.

It’s a battle.

So either put up,
or more importantly, shut up.

Edit: oops. I forgot I banned you! You don’t need to put up. The latter still stands.

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THIS I will agree on, not the naive part though.

But I can take your insults and condescension, it’s okay. Let it all out.

This is fine, its just a bit of fun.


If @BLKrbbt makes $20 off my track I expect a Papa John’s gift cert within 30 days


If he makes $20 off my track I’ll buy him a $100 gift card.


Oh well now, if I theres pizza at stake…


Actual lolz​:rofl::rofl:


Yo. I live in Chicago. Pizza is a commodity here.

So it’s Giordano’s, or Lou Malnati’s if you go chain.

But there is also Pequod’s.

Or I like Freddy’s in Cicero.

And to answer the question, it’s simple. We just start a record label, and sign all the submissions. Then everyone keeps what the earn.

(Fixed it when I realized I can hardly run a DnB Battle, much less a record label)


Try to turn down the volume of your ego, try to listen to what I’m saying.
This soundcloud method is basically what a record label does but you are doing without signing any contract with the artist, so any income generated will end up in your pocket. If this is really your project then you’re scamming people.
If, on the other hand, yours is just a clumsy proposal, let’s all talk about it together and work it out better, because that way it won’t work

In the four months this DnB Battle thread has been running, money has not been raised once, and no one is complaining about the format for submitting or listening to tracks. And certainly no-one has called into question the integrity of @BLKrbbt or need to stress them out.

I think it is a non-issue right now.

Back to DnB people! :drum::guitar::musical_keyboard:


As for myself, I’m unlikely to come up with something anyone would pay money for anyway, so the world can have my practice track :sweat_smile: