[Off topic] Mission discussion / copyright

Welcome by the way!

I’ll add you to the notification list for all the upcoming battles.

I apologize for the thread derailment.

But a little drama is kinda fun every once in a while.

The SoundCloud these get posted to is not monetized in any way.

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To think. This is how it all started!

@Crudelia We’re all just a couple of beat bros/broettes trying to inspire each other to learn/stay active in pursuit of our passions, while life throws constant curveballs.

Moreover, I have yet to hear of a better alternative to soundcloud from your point of view in regards to uploading multiple user submissions that are intended to be released all at once. Lastly, The file that you generated and sent has a way you can alter the information to include your details as an artist/owner/publisher/etc, which of course can be removed on the other end, but your original file contains the date of creation, which will undoubtedly be in your favor should any malpractice take place (because of the time difference). In the event that one would wish to take any legal action, which would be absolutely idiotic even for $50k worth of streaming cash because like @Symian mentioned copyright police will want a word with you, followed by lawyer fees, possibly losing actual important income generating opportunities due to stress, and the biggest cost, which would be wasted time.


I am aware of what you are saying, I do not question the good faith of the contest, but precisely because there is no trick I do not understand this passive aggressive attitude, this desire to close the discussion. Is there perhaps something to hide?
My experience as an artist tells me this: when you deal with a record label in an informal, friendly way, it always ends very badly. You are not aware of the possible value of what you are delivering, but the business jackals know it very well and will try to take advantage of it as much as possible. At the end of the movie it always happens that you will never see the earnings generated by the song.
My advice is never to make this mistake: it’s really painful, it’s like having your child kidnapped

Never give away a master of your own track to anyone unless there is a signed contract in the presence of your lawyer.

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Speaking for myself, yes. I’m a huge music nerd. :older_man:

If you want to discuss anything about streaming/ in terms of monetization a quick google search garnered the following results below. Also, it’s off topic and a new thread should have been opened discussing it or a private message would have likely sufficed, without the unnecessary slander. Everyone that attends these challenges here is already pretty familiar with each other even by display picture, with other OGs being around here much longer. If I were in your shoes I would try to focus my concern towards lurkers, and unregistered visitors (hope I didn’t cause more sleep to be lost). What about posting directly to Elektron? Would that make Elektron the owner of creations (dank memes included)?

Here is a post from reddit 4 years ago discussing a “beat marketplace” called Distrokid, and I am assuming not much has changed favorably for artists especially since then, as my previous research concluded.

$500, as a label owner - so across 600 tracks LOL" - u/makashka


Damn @aarb420.

You bodied them…

…with receipts!

I think that @Crudelia raises some good considerations that may be relevant to some people - if you are protective of your work and are more focussed on commercial releases then this defintiely isn’t the venue to share those tracks. I’d consider someone wanting to steal my track a good problem to have but having heard the quality of Crudelia’s work I can see why that might be a concern for them :slight_smile: I suspect you’ve possibly enjoyed commercial success and know that space well?

I’d echo others and say that this like the other challenges is just a formalised way to muck-about. Might even be worth stating @BLKrbbt that any track submitted is public domain. That said, without any formal contract in place anyone sharing their work remains the sole copyright owner, giving BLK a file doesn’t transfer ownership. In fact it’s technically him at risk, if he were to profit from our work then we could sue for the royalties.

Not that I doubt BLK’s intentions for a second. If for no other reason than creating compilation albums from amateur musicians is a terrible business plan :laughing:


Not even 3 battles complete and we’ve got our first dis track.

Is this some fucked up marketing scheme you crazy cats brewed up for “Drum n’ Bass Battle #5 - No Vaseline”?

I love foreshadowing


You know what they say.

If you start getting haters, you must be doing something right.

I’m assuming it’s hate. I haven’t listened to it.

I choose not to engage.


I’m on the fence if I should take this discussion down or not, but I believe it’s better to sort this.


@Crudelia you raise an interesting aspect but it was wrong to do it in a middle of a battle thread. There were many ways to handle this more elegantly, including contacting us mods about this so we could talk through PM without all the fuss.
But I understand your concern.

@BLKrbbt I understand how hard you’ve felt about getting insulted in the middle of a battle thread, can we forget this and take it as clumsiness? Reading @Crudelia it doesn’t seem they mean real harm.


My own opinion, as someone who participated to battles for 8 years on op-forums and tried to launch such tradition here is that it takes some effort to set this up and follow this till it’s over.
I can blindly assume @BLKrbbt and any people organizing a battle have pure intentions.

In 8 years I have never seen using SoundCloud being a problem. Nor one track becoming a hit.
We do it for fun, as a practice, with uncleared samples, doing our best…

While the point stays theoretically valid, IMO the few listenings don’t make it a case in reality.

Maybe it should be made clear that every track submitted is under one of Creative Commons license, so that it’s a bit protected and not used to make money by a third party.






Personally I’ve always found the idea of sending in tracks for an Elektron mission brief, to someone elses SoundCloud a bit bloody odd.

Literally all of the other mission briefs, beat battle , open challenge, call em what you will ask for submission by upload here, or post a link from your own soundcloud or bandcamp etc.

Call me old fashioned, but even if its just for an internet forum muck around, ones work is ones own. And one should maintain complete control of it.


I think this whole anonymous posting for blind votes led to this.
It’s also more practical to make a SC playlist, as users sometimes don’t use a SC account.

But I’m with you on this, I don’t think blind votes really bring something (apart some fun), and if everyone uses their own SC account, this whole discussion becomes irrelevant.

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Well, this whole thing got out of hand… I thought it was fun doing the blind voting… making it a battle, but since it seems to be so controversial, then why go out of my way? Its really becoming not worth it…

Im done hosting.

I think everyone appreciates the effort you put in :v: The battles are great fun and everyone enjoys them.

Me and @aarb420 have discussed doing playlists/releases too, it can be good to collect all the entries in one place.

Maintaining upload-control of your work in BLK’s challenge would remove the blind voting - which seems like an important component.

I do have to stress again though that nobody is losing ownership of their work by allowing BLK to upload it to an SC playlist. All you’re losing control of is the 0.0000001c ad revenue that might be generated by the year 2100 on that specific upload. There are no copyright implications, you still retain full ownership over your work.

Would it make people more comfortable if the tracklist was taken down after the challenge? Feels like some history is lost but maybe that’s a compromise that would make some feel more comfortable.