Offer from label....but

Hi guys.
Not posted for a while but I’d like an opinion if possible

Recently posted a couple of new tracks to Soundcloud. Got a message from Mojoheadz records that they liked one of the tracks and asked me to send it in to them for consideration.

I sent it in and they said they’d get back to me. Well, they got back to me today saying they would release and promote the track but that the track needed pro mastering. I could get this done myself or pay for their engineer to do this and it would cost $69.

Once I pay they’ll send me the contract etc. They said they would pay for all promotion and would release the track.

Having researched the label they seem legit but still, it doesn’t sit right paying for the mastering service.

I’ve never had any music released by a label and I’m tempted, even just to say that I had a track released but something isn’t right is it???

Never had a track mastered, is $69 about right?

I guess it comes down to how much of a problem it would be for you to lose $69.

Maybe pay for your own mastering, then at least you’ll have something to show for it if they’re dickheads. If it’s a good track, then having a nice mastered copy of it will likely attract more labels.


looked up mojoheadz, interesting how they present themselves as a service…

" real legit record label. We don’t fake it - we do it!"

i suspect anyone who labels themselves “real legit”

$69 probably covers their arse for a few things beyond mastering. by releasing loads of things law of averages means anything that doesn’t get “hype” is countered by the odd success.

saying all this without hearing your tunes or their wider releases, but by covering all genres seems more a business model to me than a passionate label for specific music.


Thanks for the reply.

Yeah I think I might just go for it. Being totally honest, the track ain’t anything special in my eyes. My production has improved if nothing but it’s a big standard techno affair.

But still, would be great to hear it released and polished that bit further.

i have worked with some great label from the Techno scene, and they always took care of mastering costs…
If i were you I would just try to send some demos to other serious label.
This seems just one of those self-release service


warning here.

Seems scammy.

How exactly? What is their budget to promote a song? Prior songs, artists they did promote and the results?

You should ask a few questions and say you’ll master it yourself and see the response.


I assume it’s normal nowadays that you have to send them a master. They rarely would pay the master, they want a finished product.

Still… I‘m super mistrusting when I got messaged by „labels“ on soundcloud. Made some experiences where it wasn’t worth any hassle at all.
The ones which are worth it rarely would reach out to you I assume…


Fair comment.
Thing is I don’t really back the track myself. It’s ok but not anything very special.
A solid foundation from which to start from going forward if nothing else.
I just put it on Soundcloud, didn’t approach anyone myself.

Might just do it to get a track out there but I do agree with you.

The biggest question always is. What can the label offer to you, that you can’t handle yourself. What do you gain from them?
Release and promotion are just buzz words. What kind of release. Where? How big is the potential audience
There are thousands and thousands of labels without any reach. Label per se doesn’t mean anything. The word just sounds meaningful from the old days


So a small amount needs to be paid. What a joke. Think about it. If they did this for every new artist they’d risk LOSING that artist for a small amount of money. Is it worth the risk. Imagine if they had stumbled upon Radiohead and asked them for 69 bucks! They risk losing them for that tiny amount. Get the picture. Its how thry make a living that 69 dollars. A hundred new acts a week makes a tidy sum. Totally cynical i know but ive seen it so many times over the decades.


Couldn’t disagree.

Yes I think you’re absolutely right.
A few warnings there


sounds a bit scammy to me. as a painter I get offers like this from “galleries” wanting to exhibit my work in various countries. I just have to pay this and that first. etc.

a decent indy label wouldn’t operate like that to my knowledge. or at least shouldn’t.


this alone would make me turn away quickly personally


offer them $49 and if they take it move on



Have they stated how many % they want… I would assume 50%?

I think one thing to be on the look out for is who will own “the master”.
if it’s stated in the contract that they will own it then they will basically own the track and give you a cut for it… but if any remix or anything would be done on it then you wouldn’t get a dime… and they can pretty much do as they please with the song…


For reference I released an album on a Indy label and they did the mastering for free but for a 50/50 cut of the sales…

Their promotion wasn’t good so it was basically 50/50 split on nothing


This is a warning flag.
They send the contract after you pay the mastering


Yup, I would say so… contracts should be signed before any transactions are done