Over-ear COMFORTABLE headphones under 100€?

Does anyone know and use over-ear headphones under 100 euros of decent quality that REALLY fit over your ears?

I have Sony MDR 7506 that have great sound but burn my ears in half an hour and the coiled cable is annoying.
My sons’ Bose noise cancelling fit perfect but are 300€…similar size but a better fit. I really don’t care about incredible sound, but really need the comfort. Thanks

PS I swear I don’t have huge ears.

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You probably are looking for the Beyerdynamic dt770 or 990 if you prefere open-back cans. There is also 32 ohm version with staight cable.


Yeah the Beyers are nice and big, got the dt880 openbacks, they sound great and I can wear them for extended periods. Very comfortable, no ear squishing at all!

Sennheiser HD280 Pro fit over my ears well.

I prefer the MDR-7506 sound but I hear you about them hurting after a while. I did upgrade mine with velour Beyer ear pads.


The Beyers are unbeatable for comfort. I can wear a pair for half a day without discomfort.


Yeah they are incredibly comfortable. I have the dr990 pro. Never got uncomfortable even after hours of non-stop use.

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I could wear my AKG 240’s all day.


Thanks all for your inputs, really appreciate it. I’ll see how much they are.

Wow that sounds like a great solution what model did you get and where can I buy them? Come to think of it can I do it or have you had it done?

You can install them yourself.

There are also some with memory foam.


Thanks @AdamJay,

I found this: https://www.amazon.fr/Beyerdynamic-doreille-rechange-Velours-schwarz/dp/B0016MMYKA/ref=sr_1_cc_7?s=aps&ie=UTF8&qid=1543182988&sr=1-7-catcorr&keywords=Beyer%2BDT%2B770&th=1

Not that, right? I see the other you linked are made for The Sony 7506

Correct, they have to be 7506 compatible.

They are often cross compatible with Beyer DTM 250, though, and mine were just that.

Since I am seeing there are a lot more options for the replacements now, velour, memory foam, sheep skin, etc. I would look at Amazon and read all the reviews.


Thanks, will check it out :+1:

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I have both the Beyerdynamics (DT-770 and DT-990) plus the MDR-7506.

Unless your ears are TINY there is no way the 7506 are fitting around them on the outside, they’ll always be squishing some part of your ear, however gently. My ears are not tiny. I also advise against the thicker sets of pads for the 7506 - they make the cans push pretty tight against your head. Some people get better bass from the increased sealing, but I didn’t notice a difference - perhaps my average-sized head is wide enough to get good sealing with the stock pads - however they do hurt after a while. So beware what pads you choose to upgrade if you decide to go this route.

All in the all the Beyerdynamics win hands-down for both comfort and sound quality. I often forget I’m wearing them.


This isn’t hyperbole or an exaggeration. I’ve done the same thing, as in get up and walk away from the desk forgetting my headphones are on, only to have them ripped from my head…


Great news, I think I’m going to get those DT-770 pro 250 they se3m to really fit the bill.

Thank you all for the info and taking time and suggesting the beyerdynamics.

Edit: I’m getting the 770pro/250ohm for Xmas (hope they can be driven with Octatrack mkll an iPad)

…and getting those special memory foam cups to get my head out of vice for now…(thanks @AdamJay)


The 250s won’t work well with an iPad at all. They’ll be VERY quiet.

I’d highly recommend the 80’s. They’re almost the perfect spot between easy-ish to drive (so compatible with a wide range of gear from pro to consumer) and extremely sharp.

I have the 32 ohm 770s and the 250-ohm 990’s and while there is a difference if I A/B them (a difference more akin to a slight EQ curve than anything else) as soon as you listen for more than a couple minutes to either of them you adjust immediately. So, don’t fear the 32 or the 80s either. If I were to buy them again I’d stick with the 250s on the 990s (since I only drive them with high powered pro amps) and get the 80’s for general studio work.

*** note the main thing is that the more impedance (higher ohms) you get, the quieter they are on lower-powered amplifiers such as what’s in the output stages of ipads, ipods, most laptops, and the majority of musical instruments with a 1/8" audio out for headphones. 80 ohms will still be “quiet” but listenable in a quiet room - if you want to really be able to crank them (e.g. listening on the subway via iphone/android/ipad) you’ll NEED the 32 ohms. They sound amazing, don’t worry. You’re not losing quality by correctly matching your headphones to the source. So choose based on your use case not based on what sounds more “pro”.


Thanks for all the information @delta-c :blush: you know your stuff :+1:

I am glad you warned me about the high ohms/low output, I was wondering about that. Plus SPL is low only 96db.
I think the 32s will be just fine for my old ears :joy:…as long as I can hear them from iPad.

And they have straight cable, I really don’t like the coiled one on my MDR-7506

Yep, really really happy with these headphones. They sound great and are so comfortable. I’ve not got the ears or experience to say how good they are for studio use in terms of flat response etc., but they do the job for me :slight_smile:

Yeah, the 32’s are GREAT. I’m very happy I got them, listen to them daily. One thing to note: I think they come with the black leather pads which seal a bit better but aren’t quite as comfortable (to me). It’s worth it to buy the grey plush velour pads of the 80 ohm as a replacement. They’re a bit of a pain in the ass to swap out but it’s a new world of comfort and they sound damn fine.

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DT-770 Pro 250 ohm here. Love them.