Pairing machinedrum with bass synth?

So I’m trying to work out a live set, I have the machinedrum on drums and bought a bass bot (303 clone) for bass but honestly I’m just not clicking with the sequencer on that thing the elektron sequencers are so much more intuitive. I’m thinking about maybe selling it and getting a minitaur, and just using one pad for on each pattern for midi out and parameter lock the note changes. Anybody have a similair setup going?

or use the sampler and be fine without a dedicated bass machine?

Man, the external MIDI sequencer on the MD is so good that, if it was me, I wouldn’t be using another synth’s sequencer at all.

If you want a mono then you have so many great, cheap options available. I use a Minibrute and my partner has an MS20. Next will be to modify the SH1000 to receive MIDI.

But if you’re sold on the Moog then a Minotaur is great but hey, if you can stretch it, reach out and grab a Sub37 :wink:

I was thinking about just using the sampler but as far as note keys doesn’t it work weird? like if you sample a note in C and pitch it up 12 on the machinedrum its not actually an octave higher? Correct me if I’m wrong I’ve only done a little sampling of chords/ synths. But as far as pairing it with a synth used to have a minibrute it sounds really good but a lot of the sounds I go for need a 24db filter otherwise I would have kept it, BSII sounded a bit flat to me not really analog, I was thinking either minituar or mono lancet because of size and 2 oscillators and should be good for bass.

I hear you re the 24db filter.

I just think that the MIDI sequencer on the MD is so good that you should be using that as opposed to any onboard sequencer on your external synth.

I wouldn’t be using samples on the MD - you want some raw analog balls with tweakability. I really liked the UW function on the MD but it is a pretty limited sampler.

Minotaur and Lancet are both pretty kick ass. Have you thought about extending your budget to a second hand Sub37?

youre right on the sampler, but if your MD has a plus drive you can load tons of samples.
ALSO if you are looking for a mintaur I have one for sale for 425 shipped. Its the version 2 so it has patch memory and i can send you the editor.

The MD can create very heavy basslines with just a sound of tom, or with a kick. I use it, and it’s perfect for the music I play. If you don’t need the traditional acid bass sound, which is my case, the MD is perfect.
On the old elektron User forum, you have a lot of tricks to test :

Thanks for the repliese guys,
phesago - I’ll let you know about the moog I have the bass bott listed on ebay right now, so maybe in about a week or two I’ll have money to throw at the moog. Why are you selling it by the way?

Kotare - I’m really set in the around $500 price range, and studio space is an issue for me, idk I actually didn’t really care for the modern moog sound for leads except the square wave is awsome, I definately prefered the minibrute’s overall tone, if it had a 24 db filter maybe something like vintage roland I’d own two of them.

drone - Currently I use a 808 type kit I made on the machinedrum for alot of tracks so I have that low bass, but getting another melodic bassline around that is sort of what I’m looking for right now. Isn’t the pitch shifting on the machinedrum inaccurate? Like if you sampled a bass note in the key of C and pitched it up 12 it would actually end up in the same key?

I recently acquired a tr 808 and as much as i like the minitaur I would like to recover some funds. I just bought it to, so its literally brand new and under warranty- which I can transfer to you on the moog site.

I think pretty soon Ill update my FS add here to include the other stuff im selling like my 777.

Oh nice, I was always thinking about a acidlab miami maybe sometime down the line since the 808 prices are so high. RE: as far as the pitch shifting apparently on the machinedrum one semitone is a 3 changes on the pitch knob, this thing reproduces bass tones pretty well, phesago I’ll probably still be interested in the moog regardless, i’ll let you know in a week if you haven’t sold it already.

+/- 36 is one octave on the Md sampler. A semitones is 3 steps. :wink:

Oh sorry someone already put that, after 36 it drifts a bit as +/- 64 is two octaves.

i would love to see this in a video.

God, don’t even get me started on the modular, that intellijel anlantis with midi to cv converter looks incredible. What kind of weight is your modular? would you take it out of the studio?

Slim Phattys got marked down recently. They’re only about $100 more than Minitaur now.
Depends on what kind of bass you like. The minitaur is pretty big and aggressive, the SP’s is smooth and deep but can also go up into the land of big leads with it. Also, OSC sync. Patch memories and program change handling is a bit more smooth and straight forward on the SP due to the display, and ladies love the triangle wave.

I’m considering a Bass Station 2 myself, as I’ve become a bit of a sub-oscillator abuser on the Analog Four.

Minitaur as mentioned… I use it for my bass duties and bass it does…

Boomstar. Very compact given all the dials and knobs (face is about half the length of a MD)

Sounds truly excellent.

Limited midi control though, but touching the dials is rewarding.

Hey phesago, pmed you about the minituar.

Phesago thanks for the minitaur, md and moog make a great pair.

I connected the volca bass / synth with midi out to the input of the MD … 1 midi track , 1 input track …

boy … that MD is a real work horse! … sooo much fun !!!

especially with the battery option on the volcas, it is 1 cable less …