Possible to "unquantize" operators?


Just bought the digitone, and it seems a bit oversimplified compared to sytrus or fm8.

Is it possible to choose the freq/Hz of each operator in a linear manner without skipping from 0,25 to 0,50 to 0,75 etc.?

Not nagging (much), Just Wondering. Its a cool little synth :slight_smile:

…oh…they are very proud of these harmony ratios for now, i’m afraid…
and almost no way around it, if i imagine what it would be like without pre fixed ratios to scroll through that flawlessly with these encoders…

but once ob comes around, there might be all the inbetween options of traditional fm…
and some tweaked new algorithms might also give more open „wires“ once we reach 1.05 some day…

but for now, i love these ratio roll outs in glitching harmonies…pretty iconic sonic trick gimmick of the dn at the moment…


What makes you assume that ?


What he said.

Though, just because I’m an amateur mad scientist- perhaps, if you used a real fast LFO, you could alternate between two values with a speed that it would sonically average it out between the two?

I don’t know what I’m talking about, but if you know as little as I do about the science of sound then MAYBE it makes sense?


…well, it’s all in there…all the big inbetween ratios…but as a fact of fm, most of those inbetweens tend to end up really nasty, sonicwise…

so, hands on the machine, it’s a good thing in first place, to just skip all over and through that to jump around in blind sonic bliss…
no matter what…
but in software, why not open the gates to fm full on…?
no problem…end of the day, it’s all ur ears…
and so, yup, i assume that to come for sure…

no mad scientist here…


Hehe yeah i understand its from a musical perspective they have put it like that, & to make FM easy to use of course. Its Just, why not make it on/off when they can?
For the scientists and lovers of messed up frequencies out there. Plus those wrecked/growly DnB basses are best served un-glitched IMO :slight_smile:

Im sure theres a workaround, as this is elektron were talking about.

About the lfo idea, hmm. Maybe that Would work-ish. Just started with this ting, have to deg deep for sure to see where it can go.

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Specific combinations of algorithm and detune will grant you access to all sorts of inharmonic and dissonant tones.
According to the manual, detune affects operators A and B2.


For instance, to get a weird, throbbing, DnB bass, you could set OPB to a weird ratio (2/5), detune to a high value, and use, say, algo 2. Shape the operators with the HARM control. Don’t forget to mess around with SYN2 page! That’s essential. (Changing the levels, triggers, and envelopes of the A/B operators is where the action is!)


Yeah, use the detune feature, it’ll get things into dissonant territory very easily.

If you want fixed rate operators, you can use audio-rate LFOs set to either of the pitch destinations. I haven’t tried this much, but it’s good for the weirder stuff.


No, this will not work out. The inbetween-ratios would give you (in-)harmonics which are neither in the spectrum of the “first” nor the “second” ratio. So switching fast between them will not let these (in-)harmonics appear magically out of nowhere.


Yeah i noticed how this will bring the (somewhat) reeze effect after playing a bit with the digitĂ´n.
Really nice machine, good job Elektron!

Now, make it possible to do 100% wet effects!

Good stuff!

I definitely prefer the implementation/approach of “detune” to achieve inharmonic qualities. It’s more controllable and musical for me.

The FX already make me 100% wet :smiley:

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Hats off to that one :wink:

(Edited. Cannot type apparently)

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Musical. Pffft.

I think this is why I’m feeling a bit underwhelmed by Digitone while still in love with the freakish FM of the Monomachine.

Digitone sounds too… “pretty”.


I can certainly dig that.

When I heard the announcement of the Digitone- I was expecting it to be as immediately bizarre as the Monomachine FM except more so.

It’s definitely completely different, surprisingly

That’s why I intentionally added the “for me” part. When I say “musical,” I mean how its intensity can be controlled in a manner with one knob like an effect. You can modulate the inharmonic quality to varying depths, and always return back to whatever degree you like quickly. This is the reason for why I prefer the implementation.

Also, I wouldn’t ever describe the Digitone as too “pretty.” Actually, it always compels me to create darker, more aggressive sounding stuff. The envelopes are very effective for me; I can get these really punchy sounds I wasn’t getting with the MM. Also, the overdrive is way better on the Digitone imo. It’s just as capable of dirty, complex sounds.

Yeah I certainly wouldn’t describe Hizmi’s patches/demos as “pretty” :smiley:

There is a certain casio meets fm8 feeling with this synth :slight_smile:
Is it possible to delete all the preset sounds? They are locked it seems.
Edit: Figured it out. Its the “toggle lock switch” in the sound manager.

I’ve also noticed that you can assign an LFO to the pitch of a single operator, I haven’t tried it yet, but I bet you could always set it to half a square (to make it a static value) and get inbetween those ratios.

Even with the ratios, I miss some of the in-between ones from the Monomachine. I hope they add a few more, and a way to scroll through them with a bit more control.

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