Question: Is linear midi recording possible?

ooh, sounds interesting
can JJOS record multiple midi channels (16) at the same time, and retain the midi channel? (i.e. not just listen in omni, but record which notes/cc come in on which channel, and playback on that channel)

Not going to happen. You can have mine if it happens, I’m that confident :wink: #donotbelievewhatyoureadontheinternet

Don’t know, I’d have to try.
It can read standard MIDI files, so you can use those if you want to transfer sequences from your computer.

Few words of warning:

  • The workflow and terminology on the MPC is very different from the Elektron way of doing things. For me, this works well, might not work well for you.

  • Be prepared to spend time figuring things out. The Akai manual is fine, but the documentation for JJOS2XL is not very helpful.

  • Don’t get an MPC-500. There’s no JJOS for it and the display is way too tiny.

  • Earlier MPC-1000s came with low-quality pad sensors that broke quickly. Make sure you have a model with the “pad upgrade” installed or be prepared to buy and install it.

Thanks again for your advice about MPC-500.

Can you tell me what is an older or a newer model of the MPC-1000. In the web and at eBay I found two models? One had a blue housing with red side pieces - the other seemed to be overall black.

After your detailed infos I got myself digged in the manual and took some time to watch videos on YouTube. The workflow reminds me of my NI-Machine and if this is true, there should be no problem to get my head around it. Originally I startet out from Machine - I only want it all to be hardware now. And if my old buddy Q-80 from Kawai or my workstation would support pattern oriented midi-looping like the MPC during a recording session I would just use those.

It’s a bit complex:

  • The blue ones all had this issue.

  • There are actually two revisions of the black one; the MPC1000BK and the MPC1000BK-N. All the MPC1000BK-N models have the new pads pre-installed, some of the MPC1000BK models had the old pads, some had the new pads.

  • A lot of users bought and installed Akai’s “pad fix” kit, or another third-party set of replacements pads. You can still buy the “pad fix” upgrade from

  • The only absolute reliable way to find out if the pad fix is installed is to try this:

If you buy one, make sure that you get confirmation that the pad fix upgrade is actually installed, or make sure you get a deep discount. :wink:

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Octatrack is able to record in a sort of linear way. Just chain several different patterns or stack them in Arranger, hit live record and you can record ‘phrases’ longer than 64 steps. In Arranger you can loop the whole thing. It might need some preparation of other acompanying tracks but should be possible.

As another HW MIDI workhorse sequencer, I can recommend E-MU Command Station (desktop). Allows jumping into live record mode on the fly (possible via foot switch) and records everything you throw at it. It’s pattern oriented too, control and workflow is well thought with strong emphasis on live performance.

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Thanks - that’s quite a very important piece of information - good to know.

You are such an incredible help … many kudos to you … :+1: :+1: :+1:

The pitty is that I am not in the US right now. There are much more units on sale in the US than here in Europe. Price in US seems to be significantly lower too. So I will keep an eye open :astonished: and watch …

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I have to give a try on your “chaining” or “stacking” idea … never thought about it like this. Sounds interesting.

For me the arranger mode was more or less a kind of preparing/defining a play back situation only.

So, recording of a track is available during the arranger mode is used?

Some another units to be aware of to see if they may fit your needs would be MidiTemp:

Rackmounted units (albeit with an remote) thats definitely can capture some linear recording, and you can even have the playback being recalled via PC#. It got quite some filtering/routing options as well.

I´m having a MP88W myself, where it supposedly (I haven´t checked) ALWAYS records everything at each midiport (8 inputs). So at each Start command the recording starts, and at each Stop command the recording stops. If you want to keep it, you´ll have to enter an menu (and save) before next Start command.

MidiTemp are out of business (at least the rackmount units).
Old units that goes back to ´95: floppy disc and SCSI HDD (if it got any drive installed, mine didn´t have that).

I´ve managed to find (and AFAIK, successfully installed) an CF card based SCSI HDD emulator into my MP88W. Some HDD functions (such as formatting etc) seems incompatible with the emulator. But at least it records MIDI in the tests I´ve done so far (fun to watch each knob movement on the OT display).

Next thing I´m considering to order and try is an (SD card) floppy disc emulator. I´m a bit interested to see if it´s possible to use an SD (embedded WIFI) card. To be able to communicate directly back and forth to my computer. The MP88W can apparently have an sort of ‘settings/songlist’-file on a floppy disc. And this file is possible to edit in a simple text editor. But the hassle of inserting/ejecting an floppy disc back and forth for each every change in a setting/songlist doesn´t appeal to me. And my trust to floppy disc isn´t the best one either.

Thanks to all for every suggestions you´ve made!
I wasn´t aware of the existence of the MidiREX at all.

First - many thanks to everybody taking the time and effort to have responded to my questions. :joy: :+1:

There have been many great ideas and advices here that I check out myself now - it takes some time, but it’s well worth spent.

Digging in MPC philosophy I have two follow-on questions, because I did not find the answers in the manuals or at YouTube.


I think that the Octatrack does it perfectly what I need. I can prepare a project prior to the performance in such way, that all required midi-setup is done on System-Midi and on Track level. If it comes to live-midi-recording I only have to switch to midi, select a midi-track and hit the record-play button one time. The thing I like most about this is that I can change the midi-recording to another track just by hitting this track-button and the recording switches accordingly.

Now my question: Does an MPC 1000 support a workflow that’s as easy to do like this?


According to the documentation all MPC models seem to support only a common track length per sequence. Since I like the flexibility of the Octratrack providing different track lengths per pattern I would like to know, does the JJOS support common length or different lengths?

Thanks again for any hint, answer, or advice.

Q1: Yes, but the flow will be a bit differently. I think you’ll have to try this for yourself to figure out if it will work in the context of your live performance or not.

If you just want a MIDI looper for live recording and playback, then the MidiREX might be a better choice.

Q2: No. Sequence lengths are also always in bars. You can play two different sequences at the same time though, see

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Thanks t, again … and so a fast response !

it seems that my dream-midi-whatever-it-will-be-device is distributed as many parts in a set of different divices.

Now, I have to think about it and what would be closest to my needs. Actually it’s a pitty that MidiRex is DIY - no time on my side - building up electronics myself was never any of my strengths.

My research has shown - at least - that I am not the only guy, who is searching for a hardware box that resembles the concept of the midi and pattern featuires provided by Maschine or Ableton-Live like software/computer set-ups.

As you say - I have to check out the workflow of the MPCs myself. To adopt a new workflow that makes sense to me, has never been an issue.

Thanks t for explaining the MPC1000 , since I’m also interested in getting one.

I’m sure that you can find a “trusted builder” on the Mutable Instruments forum willing to build one for you.

Again, you really have to spend some time diving into it and figuring out if it fits into your workflow when you get one. In that sense it’s a bit like an Elektron box.
I’ve found that with JJOS2XL, it really complements the “Elektron way” really well.

Yes, that could be …

After reading the description of the MidiRex I think that it is a fine piece of midi-gear, but the four tracks seem not enough for my set-up.

The more I read about alternatives the more I come to the conclusion that as an hardware-only-solution the MPC might be closest to what I am looking for.

Thank you again very much for your time an for explaining all the details to us. Highly appreciated!

I was in the same situation as you(slowly coming to the realisation that the Octatrack midi sequencer is limited.

I ended up buying a Yamaha RM1x
for about £120 second hand, replacing the OS chip (there’s a guy on the user group who sells them at £11 a pop.

It does all of the things you’ve been asking about, and also has exceedingly tight timing, and some really fun midi extras (midi delay / chord splitter, harmonisers etc etc)
I wrote a tune with it within a day of getting it, and haven’t used the computer for composing since. Highy recommended

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Is Yamaha RM1X allowing to jump to and from live recording mode?

I’m asking because RS7000 doesn’t and that is it’s successor. I always had to stop the sequencer to get into or from rec mode. This was a reason for me to keep the E-MU CS instead RS7K although I’ll miss MIDI play FX section a lot.

Btw, did anybody mention the Cirklon? Way pricey solution but it’s THE definitive MIDI seq. AFAIK it does all one can imagine from such tool and then a bit more.

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No, that’s a good point you do have to stop the sequencer.
… and yes I want a Cirkon really badly. My MAQ 16/3 only gets me so far !!

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