Recording w/ Zoom H4n Pro question

I am trying to record directly to a Zoom H4n Pro. No matter how far I turn down my levels, both on the hardware mixer and on the channel mixer in the H4n, the resulting recording is blown out, i.e., way too hot.

Does anyone have any theories about what I’m doing wrong?

My goal: Record clips of my Digitakt, PerFourmer, and Boomstar with the H4n and then transfer them to Ableton.


Obvious, but have you turned the input level down via the rocker switch on the side?

Nothing is obvious, i just bought this thing. What mode do I need to be in in order for rockers to be able to affect the input level? It doesn’t seem to do anything when I’m just on the regular record track screen.

I’m recording in 4 Channel mode, assuming that that is the right mode for recording via the 1/4" inputs.

2 minutes, I’m just grabbing mine so we can work through it.

It’s not the most intuitive UI and I’ve forgotten most of how it all works


Are you only recording through the 2 1/4 inputs on the bottom?

yeah. In 4ch mode.

Sweet, then it’s not too big a deal to fix.

Hold on

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You need to be in stereo mode

really!? Okay, I’ll try it…

Wholesome content.


Hang on, are you trying to record stereo inputs into each of the two 1/4 inch inputs?

Will it still record the 1/4" inputs in Stereo Mode?


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As a left and right stereo pair

Yes, you need to select inputs 1+2.


Yeah, forget about the mic input, that’s dead to us for what you need.

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Ha, I’m not sure. I just want to record to both 1/4" inputs from my mixer. I thought you had to be in 4 channel mode to record from those inputs, versus the external mics.

Sorry, I’m dumb, where do I select inputs 1 and 2?

No, you can choose either the 1/4 inputs or the stereo mix in stereo mode via the buttons to the left of the transport controls

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