Sequential Joins the Focusrite Group

Interesting development!


Damn, you were quicker than me. Yes very interesting development!


I just saw this too.

A very good move, especially after the sad loss of Chris H.

Excited to see where this goes.


as long as they don’t allow focusrite to do the paint jobs I’m happy for them


forgive me but who is Chris H?


thank you

Here is the info from the Focusrite website.

We’re extremely excited to welcome Sequential to the Focusrite Group family of audio brands, following the acquisition of Dave Smith’s legendary synthesizer brand by our parent company Focusrite plc.

Sequential’s synths have made a huge impact in music for decades, and continue to inspire music makers all over the world. Instruments such as the classic Prophet® 5 — the world’s first fully programmable polysynth, designed by Dave Smith and launched in 1977 — and the futuristic Pro 3® hybrid monosynth, which combines analogue and digital in a powerful paraphonic instrument, show Sequential’s dedication to the craft of synthesizer design.

Sequential will operate as a separate entity to the other brands in Focusrite Group, and will continue business as usual. Operationally, Sequential will retain its existing company structure, with Dave Smith leading engineering, product development and mentorship of Sequential’s new breed of designers.

Commenting on the news, Focusrite’s Executive Chairman Phil Dudderidge said, “We’re excited and pleased to add Sequential’s instruments and pedigree to Focusrite Group’s portfolio of world-class audio and music production tools. Dave Smith’s history as an innovator speaks for itself. From his creation of the world’s first fully programmable polysynth (the Prophet 5) to his co-invention of MIDI, Dave Smith has literally changed the world of music several times. We’re looking forward to continuing his history of innovation and expanding the global market for Sequential’s instruments.”

Sequential’s Dave Smith commented, “With Focusrite, we’ve found an ideal home and a perfect cultural and technological fit. Phil Dudderidge and his team have a long history of quality, vision, and focus on what musicians and audio professionals really want. We’re excited to join such an industry powerhouse and contribute to our mutual success. I expect great things.”


This is interesting, and I don’t see it as a bad thing. I imagine for Dave Smith, he and his team get to keep on designing synths they love, but maybe get to offset some of the manufacturing headaches, and cost, with help from Focusrite. And maybe they will be able to bring their ideas to market a little quicker as well. When I look at a brand like Novation, it doesn’t seem like much has changed with the company since they were acquired by Focusrite, and that’s a good thing.


Dave is also not getting younger, and i guess he wants to preserve his company for the next generation. Smart move i think. And i didn´t know that Focusrite also owns Adam now…i thought they are still in german own hand.


Thank you!

An updated Mono Station with the circuits from AS-1 would be cool! Hope they share some technology and merge some products.


I’m sure this makes sense for a whole plethora of reasons but I can’t help but feel a little sad and that it’s the end of an era. Dave has come full circle with the prophet and he’s been doing this for 50 years now. Certainly it’ll be great for the company, not having to deal with all those financial headaches alone. Great also for the longevity of the company and for the security off its employees as well. I hope this is energizing and not demoralizing for them at Sequential. I love their products so much.


Having Novation and Sequential under one roof could be very interesting.

I hope Dave still gets final say on things just in case, but looking forward to seeing what comes out of this.


I was just going to reply to this thread to say an updated AS-1 with more knobs would be my dream, and I guess a Monostation version of it is partway there :slight_smile:


Music Radar link here

I figured I’d share this with fellow nerds.


Dave has had an amazing run. Time to cash in (and there are worse conglomerates to sell out to).


Coming soon: Focusrite presents the Prophet Circuit Rev analog groovebox


With built-in Adam Audio speakers.


Agree that Focusrite seems like a good fit for Sequential. I don’t expect to see massive crossovers between brands. What I do expect is cheaper range of Sequential synths. The high end stuff will remain made in the USA, but why not start producing the Rev2s overseas at the same place that builds the Summits?

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