Sequential Prophet 6

too… much… new… gear… not enough money…

Poly Mod … Drool

This is madness!!!

Dave just won NAMM!

Massive font boost dave, but where’s the ‘circuits’, guess negotiations didn’t pan out, lovely product, oh my

probably way over my budget :joy:

Oh man that’s a thing of beauty!

Didn’t see this coming… Was hoping to make this an uber pricey 5 voice for my A4, but nah… no CV! :wink:

is this slop mode sound possible with the A4?
anyone who can explain how to.

as disappointing as the Korg ARP details were…this thing is the polar opposite…WANT

More like $2799.

Sorry kids, daddy needs to go dumpster diving for the next six months…

So I bought a Prophet 12 yesterday and it’s being delivered tomorrow.

Don’t think I can explain away any more synths!


I thought I was cured of GAS…bloody DAVE!!

Oh Dave. Dave. What have you done. Must. Have.

Dave Won Namm because I already preordered this before even hearing what Elektron had to offer. Dave is King!!!

Also the Arturia Prophet V is my go to synth in the VST world. I get to where I want to go with it and finally a hardware equivalent without spending 4500 is a steal.

Yes, somewhere in sound settings, drift is the name

Though quite why dave needs this for a VCO (though he said they were accurate) !

This could be a cure for Pro6 GAS, it’s called Pro5 GAS :wink:
Pro8 won’t cure it

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Oh my.

Goodbye CS50. Any interested buyers?