Sequential Prophet 6

Im having difficulties deciding between this or a Prophet 12. Damn you Dave Smith.

Yesterday I played the Prophet 6 first time in a store:


I have a Prophet 8, some Vintage Synths and some new analogue desktops, but there´s something special to the Prophet 6.
Mainly the filters I guess, but also the general sound, layout, the knobs, the overall experience - somehow it makes you tweak and be creative.
I´m no very esoterical, but there´s an aura I rarely feel in modern synths. Moog sometimes.

It´s just inspiring.

The Nord A1 next to it was nice too, also very direct to tweak, but compared to the Pro 6 - no.
The AK is not for me, I need direct access and tweakability in live situations.

The effects are also great for a live player - no more cables and boxes.

About the “lacking” features -
A Steinway Piano has less features than a Casio keyboard - so what?
In the end, music is all about sound. And sound quality.
The instrument´s job is to inspire you - and the Porphet 6 does this very well!,97.0.html :alien:

Various fixes, features and most nicely, lifts from OB6. Wasn’t expecting that at all… (but I’m dead kin appy about it)

There goes my weekend. Thanks for the update bro.

Wow. Im very excited for the additional ob 6 effects.

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old detroit Proof of concept 02

So this is a test for a new gear set up and new live set concept.for this ia m using dave smith OB6 ( leads) and P6 (drone chord). elektron rytm for drums and octatrack for sequence.

Music- its a test for a more old school detroit techno summer vibemusic. Back When i lived in Detroit, during the 90’s you might hear some thing like this. some thing with detroit chords, weird synth line and some 909 kick. I am thinking Carl Craig, Kevin sanderson, jeff mills. I want to add a modern flair like harder kicks and darker sounds with this almost house music and lots of chords.

Gear- after some years with a set up or tempest and rytms I am changing out some gear. I will be replacing the tempest with second A4: prophet 6 and a dave smith OB6. because the P6 and OB6 just sound that good… really really good.

Ill be using for one side rytm, analog 4 , and prophet 6 and the other side rytm, analog 4, and dave smith OB6. I will need two small squences for the OB6 and P6 and was looking at either the new Digitakt from elektron or the squarp pyramid because their small. I will need two sequence for this type of live set so space is a issue but other wise the MPC live would be first choice…

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I want a prophet 6 desktop. Talk me out of it.

don’t get it!!
Go for the keyboard version instead


no room for keyboards. I
sequence everything anyway.

The P6 desktop is a solid investment, one big sweetspot.


You’ll forever be haunted by the thought that you should have gotten an OB6 instead.

That said, I love my P6.


Are the filters different?

Indeed, they are the defining difference. :wink:


Yes the OB6 has a single multimode filter where P6 is a separate hi pass and low pass filter in series.

OB6 has a square sub oscillator where P6 has a tri sub osc.

Those seem to be the primary differences

Get the mono P6, the Toraiz AS-1.
At 1/7th the price of the P6, and less than 1/4 the size too.


also 1/6 the polyphony :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(and maybe 1/6 the interface, which is also a consideration)


I used to have both an OB6 and P6 keyboard.

Only the P6 module remains.

I think the sound of both is very close and ultimate high-quality.

For me, the main things I like about the P6 are the two filters and the dedicated distortion knob, neither of which are the same on the OB6. Those two things combined with everything else makes it inspiring and fun to use.


I hear you loud and clear :wink:

But must say, the free Soundtower program is excellent.


This is such an amazing synth. Such a pleasure to program and dial stuff in on. I just got mine (the module) on Tuesday.

Are there any good tips and tricks I should know about. Seems pretty straight forward.
Man this thing sounds good!