Should I sell the Digitakt & Digitone for an OCTA MKii?

So I’m REALLY digging the Digitakt and have had quite a lot of fun with the Digitone as well. I find that I end up just sampling the Digitione and using it to feed the Digitakt through for it’s master effects. In addition to these two machines, I use an iPad receiving midi from the Digitakt and a vocal mic running through guitar pedals. Everything runs into a mixer and the aux of that mixer can feed the Digitakt any signal for sampling.

So here’s the thing, I am in love with the speed and “playability” of the DT but I find that I always wish I had the following:

  • stereo sampling
  • sample slicing
  • modulation effects
  • effects per channel
  • longer sampling time

I find work arounds for most of these things but the stereo thing is starting to get to me.

So, do I sell both units and pick up an Octatrack MKii and something like a Volca FM?

You might miss the lovely FM synthesis magick of the Digitone.


I wouldn‘t. DN+DT is the best combination. Stereo is overhyped * cough *


Use what you have, safe up some gear money and add an OT.

By the time you have the money you probably want something else, if not good to get it anyway :sunglasses:


Sale away… :grin:


Each machine is different. Also, off the bat, you’re going to lose the potential of sampling the DN with the OT.

Also, DT is excellent and a OT won’t replace it. And programming percussions are done with greater ease in the DT over the OT. Also, losing the DT, you’ve got 2x the octave range and the LFO that goes up to 2k multiplier.

Keep them, add the OT(mk1 is cool too and cheaper)


Whoa! What an incredible community here! Been browsing around for a long time but this is my first post. Thanks for the replies people!

FWIW, I think my longing for stereo sampling is coming from the fact that I come from a pop guitar playing background and am used to EVERYTHING by in stereo. Where I really find this showing up is when I’m sampling something like a Juno instrument with some super wide chorus on it. I’m playing/auditioning a part then I sample it and it just gets small.

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I guess I’ve always thought of the OT as the DT superior, never really considered that their just totally different.


It certainly seems that way, but I’m on my 3rd OT and they’re very different. The OT definitely has a lot of extra features- to the point where it is pretty daunting.

While the DT is just a very focused and direct offering. DT, you can drum up a track/sketch without blinking. So immediate and just bliss. The OT- you can explore endlessly- but it takes a bit more effort to get a track together with it.

The DT is my 2nd favorite Elektron after the Machinedrum

I’m confused - isn’t a guitar a mono instrument? I get that the signal can be processed into stereo, just as any mono synth could.


I’d also recommend keeping both (Digitakt for drums and one-shots, Digitone for FM synthesis) and adding the Octatrack for stereo sampling & slicing (and a whole bunch more) duties down the line :slight_smile:

I have all three and find the DT redundant for my needs so it gets a lot less use.
That said, it’s more fun to program drums on DT especially if you need all 8 tracks. I only tend to use 2 tracks on OT for drums—depends on your workflow.
So I’d say keep DN and get OT, sacrifice DT if one must go.

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Do you find that (as has been mentioned in the thread) it takes much longer to build out a sketch on the OT than the DT? I do like how quickly things can happen on the DT and without getting my hands on an OT i’m just not sure how to get a feel on how quickly things can start coming together ya know?

No. I have a Digitone and Digitakt as well as an Octa Mk i… my advice, save and get a Octa mk i to go with the pair and you’ll be in heaven. You’ll miss something about one or the other if you enjoy using them now.

OT is plenty fast, once you have your parts setup–just takes a bit more prep, but once done its set and forget for a given project. Also don’t forget being able to resample and change parts, so one could program a beat with all eight tracks, resampled and condensed down to one track in another Part.


I have OT2 And digitone and would recommend sticking with what you have, then adding OT later. OT is fantastic, but what you have is also amazing music machines.

I was in the same predicament and now have all 3 and am super glad about it.

And don’t for get about the AH2, you’re gonna want one of those too, hahaha!

Helpful info people, thanks so much!


Mmmmmmk, so i couldn’t resist. I sold the DT & DN and picked up an OTMKii (and an Organelle for the third time :face_with_hand_over_mouth:)… So far, I love the OT for all of the reasons that I wanted it instead of the DT (stereo sampling, lots of FX options, that friggin scene slider, long samples, time stretching, slicing, etc)… But I find myself wrestling with the OT for all the reasons that you all so kindly pointed out. So far, the issue im struggling to get past is something that most people seem to love about the OT, that patterns share a “kit” so to speak… I am so used to be able to grab a new patter on the DT, load up a ton of new samples without having to p-lock a sample slot to keep an old pattern in tact. This and the inability to have each pattern be it’s own tempo have been more of an issue than I had anticipated. So far, i’ve been using “patterns” like parts of an arrangement of a song and “banks” as songs, then just making notes of tempo changes and manually adjusting (I know that arrangements can handle this for me but im more creating than performing so that isn’t super helpful yet). You OT users, how does your workflow compare…? Thoughts? I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t thought about returning the OT and picking up another DT :crazy_face:

Learn your lesson, don‘t return it. Get both. :japanese_ogre::grin: