Slate & Ash Cycles / Aura

anyone dive in yet?

aura from a couple years back with mpe support

but cycles released in the last week or so looks very interesting, playable, dynamic

no demo tho, so one must take the plunge

it’s a Kontakt instrument

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Seen it too…interesting sound textures (I believe the source audio material comes already pretty good).

Shame for the no-demo…and 7 days refund policy…no no no

Agreed. It looks quite fascinating, but the price is pretty eye watering.

If it was half that or maybe 30% of that price it’d be an impulse buy from me. And I’d want to combine it with Auras, too.

Wait for them to offer it at sale price I suppose ?

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It does indeed look interesting and yes, the price is pretty steep. It’d be nice if there was a discount for Auras owners, at least to match the Auras & Cycles bundle total price.

Being able to put your own sounds through Cycles appeals greatly.

Especially as I found myself becoming bored of Auras quite quickly. Everything I made with it sounded great… but in a quite homogeneous way.


I thought Cycles looked cool, but I emailed them a couple weeks ago, and they said you can’t load your own sounds. So for now I don’t think I will go for it.

It’s been updated so you can put your own sounds in now.

I’m from S+A by the way :slight_smile:


Prove it! Send me all your plugins for free, and then I will know it was you.

Haha! Maybe… :smirk:

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Is there a limit to file size or length for user files?

It needs to be 4 bars exactly and between 70-140 bpm for it to work correctly in the loop engine. It will still function in there without meeting those parameters but wont line up with the slice functions etc.

The granular engine should take anything you throw at it.

Quite a good playthrough using the sample import in this video.


Great, thanks for the video, I will give it a watch this weekend.

no problem

Do you guys (Slate + Ash) have any plans to release a demo version? I’m so intrigued but RN I don’t have the expendable income to throw at you guys like I want.

Forgive my lack of interaction on this board, btw. Just found it here.

I got it in the sale period at the end… I needed exactly its sounds for a short movie soundtrack.
It did the job perfectly and on sfx too was awesome (slow-mo stuff).
I have to upgrade my CPU (2009 Macpro waiting for a 2012 dual X5690) since so far I can use Cycles just at 60-70%…
Then a new computer will come and then I will instantiate at least two Cycles in every session I’ll open.

Cutting short…it’s a beautiful sounding apparatus… I am grateful to myself to have bought it.
I also thrown IR at it (Rhythmic Convolutions by Diego Stocco)… Marvellous
Thanks @syashdown

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I wonder if there exists a dedicated hardware unit that could run this software. Something like bon iver’s Messina…

I just picked up auras! It’s pretty dope, I don’t have a seaboard, just a keystep and digitone. I’ve never used the midi sequencer on the dn and I’ve had it for over a year… Time to put it to good use but, I have no idea what I’m doing. Anyone use an elektron sequencer along with slate and ash products? If so, what’s your workflow like?

I have both (elektron boxes and cycles+auras) but what do you want to achieve?

I forgot about this thread! Hi everyone again - and if anyone has any new questions, let me know!

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Thank you for coming back! Cycles is on my shortlist.

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Any chance of a Cycles sale this year?? Very interested in the instrument, daunted by the price…