Starting ableton transport from octatrack

im using overbridge with AR/A4 etc and octatrack everything is great
and dont want to be changing everything but…
I would like to start ableton and everthing playing from the octatrack
instead of using the computer keyboard…

im not able to map the octatrack play and stop buttons do they not transmit cc?
ableton is master and want to stay that way I just want to hit play from octatrack…

anyone know a solution?

Only midi clock master can send transport AFAIK.
Play stop buttons on the ot only transmit play / stop messages, not cc.
I’m not sure they send anything when slaved.

Solutions coud be :

  • Use another button to send cc mapped to ableton transport.
  • Verify if they send midi messages when ot is slaved and convert them to the cc mapped to ableton transport.
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thanks. what do you mean by Verifiy if they send midi messages?

In ableton, you won’t “Map” anything to the play buttons. In midi preferences, you’ll change the midi settings…

Scroll down a little and check out this article’s section labeled: “Syncing Live to another device or application” Link

Edit: Make sure your OT is sending “transport”
Edit 2: OT transport:
In the PROJECT > MIDI > SYNC menu:

Edit 3: I misunderstood that you want to keep ableton as the master. This is counterintuitive to your desired outcome of starting everything from the OT. I’m not at home, so I can’t dabble with anything to figure out a workaround.


cool yeah ive tried turning on sync etc… i dont want to sync live to the octatrack
i only want to start the transport via the octatrack and still have ableton the master…
just to save me reaching for the computer keyboard just for transport

Like with any ordinary midi keyboard that has transport buttons, I guess.
I would like to use the transport on my digitone like that as well.

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I spent a bit of time trying to find info It doesn’t seem to be possible .
Can’t find out what type of message start/stop is think it’s part of midi clock.
If the start/stop sent midi cc you could just map it to Abletons

I think the transport messages are hard coded within the midi protocol, just like the aftertouch or pitch bend midi.
I don’t think you can “assign” them.
I hope I am wrong about this, nonetheless.

So I figured Elektron didn’t give the transport section a midi function.

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Afaik, in Ableton Live, you can only activate midi clock and start/stop together with the sync tab for each midi input/output port.

You can map the transport buttons to midi cc, but OT doesn’t send midi cc with the transport.

A midi processor/midi processor software might help. Convert start/stop from OT to midi cc and map those messages to Lives transport.
Never tried, but should work.

Trying to p-lock midi cc mapped to transport to step 1 (1st trig condition) of your patterns in OT probaply won’t work, because OT only sends midi cc when the value changed. It doesn’t send the same value twice…Maybe if you manually change the value after OT sent it…hmm…


What would I be trying to convert to cc?
when I hit play on ot I don’t get any midi coming into ableton or see any indication like with PC or CC… there is a max4live patch for everything… but I don’t know what I’m to convert

I just found this

You’d have to convert the midi start message to cc and midi stop to cc.

If it doesn’t work within Live with M4L, maybe it works with Bome Midi Translator.
Afaik Midi Translator can also map midi to keystrokes. Might be another way.

I can check later if I can get this to work.

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Ok, I got it to work with Bomes Midi Translator.

Start Midi Translator
Select the midi port your OT is connected to under ‘Midi In’
Click the Plus sign for ‘Add a new translator’
Name it ‘Midi Start’ and double click to edit it
In the ‘Incoming Tab’ click capture midi (use a blank pattern on OT) and press start
Highlight the message that was captured

Go to the tab ‘Outgoing’ and select ‘Keystroke Emulation’
Select 'Key Press or Sequence
Type in a letter not used in Live / you don’t use in keyboard short cuts
Click apply and then close

Now click the plus sign again and do the same for Midi Stop.

In Live map the letters you used to transport start and stop.

You can ofc also use midi Midi Translator to convert start and stop to cc.


hey, I was just looking at my older posts and somehow missed this and didn’t see this comment…
I’m still interested in this I’m still reaching for the keyboard … would be much easier in my setup to start live from OT… I will look into this see if I can get it to work… never used Bomes midi translator so see how it goes!

No worries! Bomes Midi Translator is actually pretty straight forward.
I‘ve only used it a couple of times in the past ten years or so, but it‘s pretty much self-explanatory.

Great software!


Maybe already mentioned but what about sending a CC (mapped to Ableton) with an OT midi plays free track?

You can also use YES if you don’t use one shots, it sends Arm Track CC message.

As you probably know, I totally dig midi processors solutions, but I prefer workarounds without them!


@DanJamesAUS I edited my previous post, didn’t get you wanted OT slaved to Live.

What about checking Transport Send and Clock Receive only?

OT can be started with a midi note too.

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Just tried, but ableton won’t allow it… has to be both transport and clock together it doesn’t separate in ableton like on OT

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So Live cannot be started in any way without receiving clock?

This could be simply patched in m4l, just need to do a little reading, forum digging, breaking down others patches etc.

There’s a “transport” m4l node thing just for something like this.


Live only has a sync option you can toggle on or off for midi ports( in and out). Sync enables transport (you can select MMC or SPP) and clock sync, so we definitely need a workaround here.

M4L, filtering clock or mapping cc to Lives transport / converting start/stop to cc or keystroke (mapped to transport) - dunno what else…

Bomes Midi Translator used to work flawelessly and probaply still does.
I’ve had it running in the background converting midi for a year or two due to some controller stuff I wanted to do. Forgot what exactly I did back then, but the software did a great job.