Stereo sampler in DT form factor?

Hey all, does a stereo hardware sampler in DT form factor exist? Even better if it has some decent bus overdrive/distortion and round robin.

Things I like:

  • stereo
  • bus stereo overdrive/distortion
  • delay and reverb effects per track
  • effing round robin (for natural sounding drums)
  • decent sequencer - or the ability to receive program changes and midi triggers to be controlled via (let’s say) Digitone

Things I don’t care about:

  • pads
  • looping, chopping, slicing
  • playing chords/polyphony
  • direct sampling functionality
  • lo-fi

So basically a really dumb sample player. It seems like Akai MPC One ticks all those boxes, except it’s much larger than a DT …

EDIT: Of course, it can be a “groovebox” or tracker or whatever and have synth capabilities, if it offers all the other sh_t.


SP404MKII or OT may have some sort of what you are looking for. But I think there is no hardware sampler with what you want exactly.


Closest you would get, in my opinion, is the 1010 Blackbox or Octatrack. What you gain in one device, effects, you lose in another, stereo.

All of the samplers that have been released lately are mono and/or oriented towards drums. It sucks.


Deluge is only slightly bigger than a Digitakt. Doesn’t have round Robin but has stereo sampling and Euclidean shit. It has effects per track and not really any limits like other devices (you can have a shit ton of tracks, it has high polyphony).

OP-1 Field is a good option but limited in lots of ways. That said, it can also do lots of funky stuff as well.

You answered it yourself I guess with MPC One. (Octatrack rulez, but is double sized…)
But anyway, looked at trackers too?
I don’t know if m8 might (lol) ticks the boxes.

Just adding that I wish something like this existed too. The MPC One can do all of this but also can do way more, obviously. There’s really a hole in the market for this kind of a product (polyphonic, stereo sampler with great effects that is easy to use).


One would think a drum oriented sampler always has round robin …


One would. But unfortunately, all bets are off as most manufacturers have “forgotten” what hardware samplers used to be, in their glory days, and opted to gut them down to their basics.


I am guessing with your DT you have used one of the LFOs on Sample Slot for round robin effects?



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Ramp is a bit awkward as it’s just half a waveform basically.So that doesn’t really work properly. Best would be saw. Which is bipolar. So you’d have to set the initial sample slot in the middle and then set the depth accordingly. Mode to hold, and there ya go. Takes a bit of finding the sweet spot but should work. To set it up right set to Trigger mode first to get the range perfect.

I think if you have 10 samples, you’d have to set the sample slot parameter to 6. Then set lfo depth to 5. Or whereabouts. I think @sezare56 is grandmaster when it comes to remembering the exact lfo depths on various parameters :slight_smile: chime in?


Sorry for dumb question, but what is “round robin”?


That doesn’t work either. The LFO just doesn’t work in increments, so depending on the rhythm, I have once again repeated samples. And if it’s too fiddly to set up (no problem with having 10 samples each time), … - (random LFO method not counting as fiddly, that’s easy) - ain’t nobody got time for that!

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It’s a technique to prevent the “machine gun” effect. Samples of the same instrument are played in order (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,…) instead of random order, which leads to repeated samples (like 1,4,3,5,6,6,1,7,…)

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Thanks a lot, I understand better :slight_smile:


Hmm, I think even the MPC is going to only let you cycle 4 samples on a pad which isn’t exactly a lot. From my understanding Blackbox is probably what you want… although I don’t think it has the effects per track that you want.


I guess I’ll stick with Digitakt and do these things just manually …

It’s weird, I like Elektron boxes so much and believe it’s perfect for me, but some parts of them I dislike so much. For example, I hate everything BRR does, except for 0 ( :stuck_out_tongue: ) and 255 …


Yeah, I think the DT is already as close as you can get. Kinda obvious, but have you tried a random LFO with a very small depth on the decay time (or pitch)? That should sort of sound like a round robin effect.

MPC One is a cool box, constant updates, works stable.

Can confirm MPCs can have 4 layers in random.

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