Suggestion on how to connect my elektrons to my laptop

I am an happy owner of a digitakt and digitone. I now have the digitone plugged into the digitakt so that I can use the latter as master unit (sequencer, muting…). The digitakt audio outs are plugged into the digitone inputs.
I have the digitone connected to the laptop via usb and am trying to record something with logic using overbridge.
In this way I can solo the digitone tracks but not the digitakt ones.
What can I do to be able to split the tracks of both the units in logic? Thanks for your help

I beleive you are the target overbridge user. You can download overbridge for free on the elektron website.

Or you can get an audio interface and record the line outs from each machine.

Or if you have a mixer just record a stereo mix via what ever is your preferred recording medium.

Choices choices.


I already installed overbridge installed and use it
However it breaks down only the DN tracks since I use the DN in usb.
In this way it does not break down the DT tracks…
I would need a way to see the each single tracks of both the machines.
Any idea? Thanks

Ive no idea Im afraid. I Dont use a computer with my elektrons, and dont have overbridge. Someone will help out Im sure.

My final goal is to start working daw less but am unable right now…

Why not just plug both units’ USBs into your computer and use their OB plugins?


Do you think it work? I though that just one machine at a time can act as audio interface…I will try


Plug the DN audio out into the DT audio in and let the DT compress the DN…if you set the kick track track of the DT as the key trigger the DN will duck and pump around the kick…


I am not sure I got the point…should I connect the two machines on the way around as I have them now?

Yep, you can use more than one Elektron with OB at the same time. It’s a pretty cool technology!


It depends on what you want to do with them. If you want to use the DT’s compressor on your DN (or vice versa and have your DN’s FX on your DT’s output) then sure, you can connect them together with audio cables. Otherwise no you don’t need to. just plug both your machines in via usb, open two tracks in your DAW, one with the DN plug-in, one with the DT plugin, and you’ll be good to go


Yep, I use my DT and my AK at the same time, both plugged into usb ports on the mac.

If DAWless is your goal i think its better with the digis to plug the synth into the drum machines and let the drum machines compression effect the synth…

Then if you have more synths, plug them into the DN and take advantage of the delay and reverb of the DN and ultimately the compression of the DT…

Thanks. But in these way the sequencer of the digitakt does not control the digitone…or I should keep the midi cable between the units plugged in?

Thanks. I wish one day I can go daw less. I am at the very beginning of the electronic music production (I am a jazz guitar player who used the daw forever)…

Which machine do you use as master
For sequencing?

You can keep the MIDI cable plugged in. But I’d recommend going into the MIDI settings of the device and making sure it’s not also getting/sending MIDI over USB as well as DIN MIDI, otherwise you may get a MIDI loop which will lock up the machines and make you restart them (if you get any weird lockup behaviour while they’re connected via USB and have regular DIN MIDI connected, first thing to check is to make sure there’s no MIDI feedback loop going on!)

Thanks. But if the two machines are not connected via midi how can I set up the clock sync along them and the daw?

This is quite a complicated MIDI routing question, as it depends on what you’re planning to use as the master clock/sequencer, so there’s not really a single best answer here (as there isn’t really a bets answer to your for your original question, really). If your DAW is the master (simplest option IMO), then you don’t need to connect both the machines via MIDI, they can both get clocked from the DAW via Overbridge (make sure the sync option in the plugin is set to “clock and transport”). If you want one machine to sequence the other but have the DAW as the master clock, set you can turn off sync on the other machine and then use a MIDI cable between them (but just make sure the receiving machine is not also sending MIDI over USB). Or you can route the MIDI over USB through your DAW. If you want one of your machines to be master clock, it gets a bit more complicated as I think you’ll probably need to set up your DAW to receive clock over USB, turn off sync on both machines, and then route the MIDI from the master to the other device and then thru to your DAW.

Edited to add: you might have been a bit confused over the way I phrased “making sure it’s not also getting/sending MIDI over USB as well as DIN MIDI” – by that I meant that you should make sure the receiving machine in that scenario is only working with DIN MIDI, not also sending MIDI over USB. I didn’t mean that you had to turn off MIDI entirely :slight_smile:

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It should be pretty straightforward.

Connect both machines to your computer using USB. Overbridge supports multiple devices at the same time. You can set one of them to be your audio interface, and monitor through it.

Then make Logic your master clock. Set both devices to receive clock transport. You can still connect one to the other with MIDI DIN for muting and sequencing.