Synthesis Exhausted?

Hi Everyone!

I’m planning to create a new sound pack for the Analog Four & Keys but when it comes to genre, I’m also currently a bit doubtful in terms of sound design possibilities.

My opinion is that synthesizers never can be exhausted unlike the sound packs for it!

Do you have any suggestions for a new sound pack for the A4/AK?

I will collect all suggestions and in the end I will convert the most common advice and best idea in a sound pack :slight_smile:



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Isolationist ambient.

Love your stuff.

I think FM is top of mind for sure at the moment. That pad in the other thread? daaamn.

I also love cinematic sorta moody patches, slow LFOs on chords of angst.

animal sounds

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Already said so on Youtube, but I’ll say it again here,


FM! Do eet!

yes, tap into the new FM features.

FM animal sounds

FM sounds, please. :heart:

FM Horsey Noises please:

(cough peer pressure cough) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

FM, por favor. You’re the one for this job!!

Fluid sounds, like the start of ‘Something to Do’ By Depeche Mode.

Otherwise yeah animal sounds; I’ve been trying to nail the Red panda who just got declined for a credit card for months.

How bout granular sounds all based on short impulses sent to the delay engine on high feedback, which then has parameters modulated by LFOs??


chalk on a black board - farts - kitchen appliances - burning Styrofoam - cutting butter - giving birth - velcro - mash potatoes -

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And a Unicorn!

How about this & FM! The pack could be themed ‘other methods’.

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A.M., the F.M. the P.M. too
Churning out that boogaloo

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holymoly. im going to check that out^^