Thinking about an OP-Z Field…

I know this is something people are speculating following the release of the OP1 Field, but I can’t stop thinking about an OP-Z update.

Seeing their new line up of field bags and accessories, I noticed they released a bag for the OP-Z AS well.

Leads me to think they are sticking to the current OP-Z or if they release an update model (which they should) that it would be the same size for the new bag?

This is one sequencer that I wouldnt mind having as a much bigger version with op1 or digitakt sized buttons. It’s so good, and the transposing is beautifully done. As a euro rack sequencer it’s fantastic.

I want nothing more than an aluminium OP-Z, but I would not hold my breath, at least not in the near future. People who bought the bend prone original would go nuts.

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Ive been tempted to pull the trigger in the past but the build complaints and misfiring triggers has put me off.

Are these problems overblown or genuine on a large scale, I really have no idea??? If not then you would of thought TE would like to update the OP-Z to a solid chassis like the OP-1F at the very least, especially if they are dealing often with complaints and replacement units (unless they ignore this or its not as big a problem as some forums suggest)

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Don’t wait. Get an OPZ second hand (very cheap these days) enjoy it and flog it if a Field version appears in a couple of years. Life’s too short to play this sort of waiting game.

And IMO, the issues with the OPZ are largely blown out of proportion. Stress that’s just my opinion.


The Field bag makes me think they aren’t planning a Field version of the OP-Z soon, at least not one with substantial hardware upgrades. It would be very difficult to make hardware changes in the same form factor.

The complaints are not overblown. Almost all units experience bending, encoder pop-out and double trigs.

That being said, I would still recommend the OP-Z to anyone wanting a portable sequencer with much more functionality added. The caveat is fixing things yourself - this is possible:

  • When purchasing, buy 6 additional small rubber pads to fit on the bottom. 4 strictly on each of the hard corners, and two in the middle of the OP-Z. This will to a large extent prevent bending.
  • Get a spray contact cleaner and regularly clean the trig buttons. This one works for the double trigs, but it has to be done every few months.
  • Get plumbers tape and roll a thin line over every encoder. Have done this 2 years ago and it is working top notch, not a micrometre of pop-out and encoders are completely smooth.

Sadly I don’t think the complaints are overblown. Both of mine had issues out of the box. It seemed like TE bit off more than they could chew with the design choices they made for the OP-Z. Notably, Sweetwater (who have a generous return/warranty policy) stopped carrying TE altogether after the OP-Z was released. It’s a shame because it’s an amazing sequencer.


I loved mine during the short stay. It was so much fun and capable. That said, opening the case up hoping it’s not broken isn’t my style. Would definitely be intrigued by a OPZF though.

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My OP-Z is bricked due to the bend. :sob:

I had my first op-z replaced after two years because it was double trigging. New one feels very different. I think they changed some composition of the material.

I doubt they will have a field version soon. Then again they are churning out products at the moment so maybe it will happen.

Never any problems with mine, and I’ve had it for years. No bends, not popping encoders, no trig trouble.

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Never any troubles until I got the line module, it wouldn’t work because it wouldn’t stay connected. Talked to TE and they send me not a new line module ,but a new op-z. This new one is also problem free.

I ordered an op-z shortly after it was announced and had no problems at all for the time I’ve owned it. I did put on new rubber feet on the bottom pretty early on to prevent it from sliding around on the desk, but I guess this also helped to prevent the bending.

OP-Z had the absolute worst build quality and feel of any portable synth/sampler I’ve ever owned. Also ended up experiencing output issues later on so I couldn’t even use it. Save your money

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I counter this with Modal CraftSynth 2.0. The feet fell off, the lower octave and lowest note barely registered, the knobs like felt the worst thing I’ve ever touched and the whole thing bricked itself during an update. Piece of shit!

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Surprised OP-Z upgrade wasn’t the priority over the OP-1 judging by some of the comments!!!

Well, the op-1 is the older instrument and the demand for it was still very high throughout these last couple of years.

I’m struggling to understand how this helped prevent bending?

Sorry, I put on 6 rubber feet, so 2 extra ones in the middle. I should have specified that.

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Got it, thanks.