"Track recorders do not have to be assigned to the tracks as they always are available."

Does this mean that, for instance, I can have a sample assigned to track 1 (let’s say a kick) and I can still record to track 1 by pressing (say) rec AB+t1? So hypothetically I could have eight tracks of audio happening at once, and also record eight tracks at the same time and nothing will be interrupted?

Or am I misunderstanding this?

Yes, I think you have it right, at least that’s how I understand it. I was looking into the same thing last night.

Rec buffers are independant of audio tracks. (I think of it as similar to how there is MIDI and Audio, there is also a rec buffer for each track). Rec buffers will only be played back if assigned to an audio track of course. And recorder memory might become an issue if you’re recording to all 8 buffers. But it’s possible.

EDIT_ and don’t forget to save those recorded samples!


Yes I was just looking at it as the same thing!

Cool. Where I’m at right now I don’t see a practical use for it, but at least I know I don’t have to go into the track assignment settings and assign the track to a rec buffer…I can just go ahead and record. That’s pretty streamlined.

It seems there are quite a few of us around here who have recently bought an OT…Must be something in the air :stuck_out_tongue:


The mind boggles at the potential. For example, you could set up a more or less self-generating pattern, assigning flex machines to play back rec buffers, recording to several rec buffers from various internal and external sources, then play around as the sound plays- alternating between different recorder tracks and playback tracks. Great for long form experimental stuff.


Again…Where I’m at right now (less than a week with the OT) I don’t see a practical use for it :slight_smile:
Give me a few months at least!


Ha ha- fair enough!

One of the things I do often on the OT is to have external audio fed into a record buffer, with a flex machine playing the same buffer as it’s being recorded. That way it’s pretty instant to mess with the recording by retriggering it, pitching it (to a certain extent! otherwise it cuts off), etc. It’s probably a good introduction to live sampling on the OT, imo!

  • Record Main (for transition trick)
  • Record 8 tracks
  • Record 7 tracks + Main track
  • Record T1 with T2 and use it as a Neighbor with pitch / reverse / slices / retrig…
  • Use 2 track to record same source, and make a constant reverse and / or pitch 1 octave
  • Record CUE as Fx send, play it as Fx return in any track

Oh, and you can restrain recording to only track 1.
I made use of it recently to sample long sequences of external source… This way I could use the full memory for recording track 1 only, with no space spoiled by other recording buffers…

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How do you do that? By allocating all the memory to R1 in the settings?

You set only R1 as recording track, and set the memory to dynamic.
And don’t use FLEX on another track unless it is to listen to Recording buffer R1 :wink:


Got it!

Reminder :
Max recording :
16 bit : 508s, 8m28s
24 bit : 339s, 5m39s


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ok, hold up. trying to wrap my head around this.
if you have a kick sample on track 1 with a couple of trigs laid down, you can then hit track1+AB to record to track 1’s recording buffer? I thought when setting up a Flex machine you had to choose between a recording buffer or a Flex sample. If you have a sample selected but then record to it’s recording buffer, what plays? Both at once, the kick and the new sample?

When you configured the flex to play a sample, than the sample will play (while in the background the record buffer may record something).

The record buffer of a track is its own thing and can be used in addition/parallel to what machine is configured for that track.


ahh ok, I was aware that the recording buffers were separate. I think I just misunderstood the original question. Thanks!

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I’ll add you can load a sample in Recording 1-8 slots. It can be overdubed with Pickups or Flex, or replaced.

When you save a recording, SAVE TO SELF corresponds to a sample loaded in a Recording 1-8 slots.

When you use SAVE ALL RECORDINGS, samples are saved TO SELF. Not my favorite setting, I’d like a project setting for that.


It can be overdubbed with flex? You mean by sampling both the track and input or another way?

Yep. In Rec Setup select in AB or CD and the track you want to overdub, or CUE.
The track records itself > overdub.
I don’t remember if you have to set AMP VOL to +63 (or +12).