Unconventional use of 303 sounds

We all know 303 means acid but can I it do something else?

I’ve had a Cyclone TT 303 for a while and never managed to use in a track as it doesn’t fit my music.

Do you people have examples of “unconventional” uses of the 303 sound?

Please link some tracks




…don’t u worry…it’s an universal synth like any other synth, if u only use it in a different aaproach…


(I don’t own a 303 or any of the knock off, but…) I really like the basic, non-squelchy, not-too-resonant bass sounds. I always thought if I got one I would use it that way and not for crazy distorted acid. My 2 cents.

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There is a lot of acid not distorted, in fact the original old school acid house was not distorted - the stuff made in the 80’s, but also a lot of new stuff does not have distortion either.

Yeah, I wasn’t implying that it all is. Just saying that the 303 can be used for things that are deep and smooth, no need to go all chirpy with the filter modulation or toss it through some distortion.


In that case, I might get me a 303 :joy:

(Chirpy is a great description of the horror tho)


It is actually capable of very satisfying bass lines too, like a lot of vintage Roland gear there is a definite natural or organic quality that is pretty subtle until you start noticing it, then you can’t un-notice it. These are the things that most clones don’t get right.


I accidentally discovered the “didgeridoo” bass sound the other day with just the right settings and some reverb. Don’t ask me how, I didn’t save any settings, it was a software clone btw not a real tb303

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I wouldn’t say it’s unconventional really, but halfway into this track, it’s used in a less “acidic” sort of way. Just synthy arps (somewhat Moogy)

Planning to use it in a less automated-sounding way in another project.

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i mean this was very conventional in that it’s exactly what the unit was originally made for but totally different genre wise than almost every other use of if after…


A lot of the 90s Plastikman stuff has a 303 sounding more like a frightened, mournful little ghost than an acidic gurgler.

Guessing it might be on conventional bassline duties there too? Could be a 101 I guess.


Also, Basic Channel seemed to use highly processed 303s at times but no-one really knows for sure except them…


I definately prefer the more bouncy bubbly sound of the 303 over the squelchy distorted sound

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would love to hear a 303 parliament cover band…

one can dream

Years ago in the late 90’s there was an internet rumour that Bootsy Collins 303 existed, supposedly purple, but of course it was just a legend.


it was the Mutron

I would pay pay per view chips to see bootsy rock a 303 though!

I love how melodically Recondite uses the 303


That is probably the seed for the rumour, for sure.