Update Digitone?

Hi there,

I just bought the Digitone and wondered how to upgrade it to 1.01? I managed to upgrade my Digitakt with the dedicated Transfer software but I didn’t seem to work with the Digitone. When I connect the unit to my Laptop the Transfer software only shows the Digitakt available for selection but it doesn’t connect successfully to the Digitone?

Is there another way to upgrade the Digitone?

Thx in advance for any help!

use c6 program

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and should you have trouble (as I did), try Midi channel 14 to receive.

I was unable to update via USB, I had to use a USB > MIDI interface.

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So, Elektron Transfer only works for Digitakt? What’s the deal with Elektron nowadays?

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Same issue here. It’s not recognized by the Transfer program. I’ve tried different cables / ports / reboots on my Mac as well as changing the midi settings to no avail :-/

Still no dice. Data will not send when going to the OS upgrade menu in the system settings…

It probably shows up as Digitakt. However like I said I had to use a USB > DIN MIDI interface. I used c6 to update, not Transfer.

did u set your midi settings to usb only, then use c6? did u try setting midi channel to 14 and using the transfer app?

regarding the Midi channel, are you referring to the DGTN? If so, are you talking about the auto channel or the program ch in and out?

auto channel set to 14 then try the transfer app

Still getting connection failure. This DGTN is just unboxed. I wonder if the USB is defective? I don’t have a USB to DIN midi interface. Having same issue in c6. It will not send the file.

a mess of illusion

sorry to hear. maybe open a support ticket or return the unit for a new one?

Finally got it over my MOTU Midi express 128 and C6. What a cluster. Thanks for the sleuthing you guys.

dope. glad you got it

Yeah I’m having the same issue. On the digitakt, transfer is easy recognized instantlyvia usb.

The Digitone gives me a connection failed every time.

Don’t have C6 nor a usb/medi hub with me :frowning:

Sounds like Elektron needs to update the Transfer app asap for future and current upgrades.

I submitted a ticket, nothing yet.

Yeah, that sucks. I’m leaving my ticket open just to add urgency to the matter. I have both boxes and it would be nice if updates can be performed reliably with one method.

Got it working with C6 - thx. Just hooked everything up to my Focusrite Interface and it worked out just fine. But it was very slow. I guess there’s some kind of turbo function…

Gah, this is super frustrating. Both C6 and Elektron Transfer recognize the Digitone (via USB) in Windows 7, but ET freezes / times out while it says “connecting” and C6 is giving me this message:


any ideas?