Vintage synth stores Japan

Fellow ‘Naughts any good recommendations for synth shops in Japan? Heading there soon and want to check out the scene…

Not really interested in modern or new stuff as I have access to great stores locally but looking for off the run, used gear…

I hear 5g in Tokyo is the Holy Grail. :nerd_face:

Been here and it’s like a museum. There are also a few guitar stores that blew mind as well.


Yes. It’s pretty much the Holy Grail.

The resale shops can often have some good stuff. There is a pretty good one in my neighborhood (Kichijoji).

Here’s a few of the things they had a few days back

Nice selection of guitar stuff as well.

If you are also into guitars Ochanomizu is the Mecca. Probably one of the best guitar streets in the world. There is some synth stuff there as well.


Wow this looks excellent, thank you for sharing - will definitely need to check it out when I’m in Tokyo

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This reminds me that I need to get the osc fixed on my SH-1 soon!

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I feel like I’ve exposed my secret fishing hole. I’ll need to come back and delete that post at some point. Haha. j/k

I recently bought two of the coolest guitar amps I’ve ever played there. It’s a gem.

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Here’s my video of Echigoya

You can check what they have by visiting their website but nothing beats going there in person!
Here’s the website

Right now they have an OP-Z in there and a Roland TR66! (and everything in between lol).

The Hard-Offs is where you will find the gems.
The one in Kichijoji is very “choice” as is the place. Extremely hip. The food market in the train station is amazing! Prices reflect quality.
The other Hard-Offs in less hip places will hold the real gems but whether or not they will be in store when you visit will be another story. These places take some travelling to get, not advised unless synth and gear are the reason for your trip.


That was awesome… i cant wait to check it out

Thank you for sharing!

I totally agree. Except for the one in Kichijoji, I wouldn’t bother with Hardoff - too hit or miss.

I also agree that Kichijoji is worth a visit even aside from synth shopping. I’ve lived in the area for about 12 years now, so I’m pretty biased, but it’s one of my favorite spots in Tokyo (and Japan for that matter). Some good record shopping here as well, a great jazz club, beautiful park, lots of good drinking spots.

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Wow! We probably should be friends!?
I love jazz and it half fills my relatively small collection of vinyl.

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I don’t live in Tokyo but know from experience that hard off in Tokyo is a waste of time.
Definitely agree with Ochanomizu though…

I haven’t been for years , but there was a place in Nakano broadway , it’s mostly toys and anime stuff but there was a hifi / synth store there , it’s worth exploring as there are galleries , arcade machines , books , mandarake (anime , toys ) , over 2 or 3 floors.

Have a look via google as I think it’s closed 1 day a week.
It’s not far on the tube line from shinjuku

A waste of time for the OP? He said he wants to check out the scene and is not after anything new and shiny.

I bought a DX7 for a tenner. Replaced the battery and it was golden.
I picked up a VF-1 for £12. Lady rang it through the till incorrectly: a £120 still would’ve been handed over.
My BOSS CE-300’s and DE-200 were found there too. Half of my downsized tight looking slim kit was picked up there.
My SE-70’s too.
That said, I spent a lot of money on train fares and a lot of happy moments of pure excitement wondering what could be in those stores and going back for bits that I should’ve picked up but were subsequently gone when I revisited.

I saw two DX7’s on separate occasions in good order for about £70 each the other week.

There is just no telling what may be in those stores so I find it a little too difficult to digest the term “a waste of time”.

If I were to safely recommend one store it would be Hachioji. That’s bound to have something @Nikarga
I’d happily meet you for a beer and an oggle anytime! Pm me :wink:


I highly recommend Sometime in Kichijoji. One of the coolest jazz cellars in the world, IMHO.

What part of Tokyo do you live in?

Edit: That’s Isao Suzuki. A legendary Japanese bass player who played with everyone from Monk and Mingus to Sun Ra. Red Bull Academy did a big interview with him a few years back. Really nice dude. He gave me a signed CD for my b-day.


You’re right that sometimes good deals can be found at hard-off. Sometimes. They are also not the easiest to get to and offer NO gaurantee of anything. And he asked about “synth” stores.
But hell, if you know the spot man, take him. Shit, take me too lol

Edit: I agree with you though bc I’ve gotten some good stuff at these stores. I just can’t go unless I have plenty of spare time.

I got kicked out of 5G because my mate wouldn’t stop taking photos :rofl:

Anyway, there’s a chain store in Ikebukuro (¿name?) that sell mostly new stuff, but when I was there they had a few model D’s, old Korgs and an SE-1 I’d have walked out with if I wasn’t already over my flight baggage limit on account of too much vinyl :rage:

+1 for Kichi strolling through inokoshira park and checking out the exterior of the Jibbly :rofl: museum

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For those that can’t make it to Japan (or Tokyo), it’s probably worth mentioning that one of the most well-known shops (Ishibashi) sells online and ships overseas I believe. This is all of the current used synth listings:


That’s the one! Thanks. They ve still got the SE1 too.
Though I didn’t see that OB Expander :drooling_face:

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Oh man… never seen anything like this before


Welcome to Japan. :wink: