What should be my 1st eurorack?


So I recently got a Neutron, I already have a makenoise skiff case that I’ve had lying about for a while now and was wondering

What should be my 1st eurorack module to get and work well with the neutron?

Thank you

A sequencer and a reverb,two things the Neutron lacks, the rest depends on where ya wanna go? what ya wanna do?


Thanks, I have and sonic potions lxr and a korg monologue for sequence via midi

Yeah not sure where I want to go

The thing I do know I’m not wanting to go to deep or crazy with eurorack which is hard to resist if I’m perfectly honest

a multi a mixer some extra filters, maybe a 2nd voice like Braids or Plaits, a sample player?, maybe ask yourself what type of music you would like to focus on?

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A Source for randomness. Make Noise Wogglebug? Mutable Instruments Marbles?



I’m into a lot of electronic artists like
Soulwax, Adult, LCD Soundsystem, Die Antwoord, Dj Hell, Derrick Carter, Perturbator

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WMD / SSF Monolith i start with this but for me this is mistake :slight_smile:

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Ok thanks…

Why was it a mistake exactly or were you joking?

Why not try an ES-8 from Expert Sleepers, or a similar module that can interface with your computer with Reaktor Blocks or the free VCV rack.
That way you could try out lots of modules for free or really cheap (£20 for Marbles & Plaits!) and then see if you want to buy the real life versions of them, or just save your cash and still have as much fun!


If I ever take the dangerous (expensive and addictive) plunge into Eurorack I’ll be starting with an Moog Mother.


Look for help before … it’s too late :tongue:

I did hold back myself and only added a DFAM to my M32. I like this small combo, it’s enough. I also prefer playing keys over sequencing everything so I prefer to add a poly synth over more eurorack. The grandmother will join the semi modulars moogs for sure :wink:


Do you have any Elektron gear?

Yeah use to have an octatrack which I loved and hated in equal measures

I do fancy getting a digitakt at some point tho

Thanks Bob a very good idea

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Honestly. I wouldn’t buy anything until you have a better vision where you want to go. Otherwise you might spend a lot of money to get lost in it


Sound advice. No pun intended :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


A Neutron and a Digitakt would be great.

I spent two happy years with my Analog Four, Minibrute, and 0-Coast setup. You get sequencing, additional voices and drums, and a convenient FX/routing platform. (Plus you can explore patching in a sandboxed environment.)

It was happy because I bought my first eurorack module at virtually the same time as the 0-Coast and yet it’s taken two years and over $5,000 to achieve a level of functionality (and accompanying knowledge on my part) in eurorack that compliments or extends Elektron gear + semi-modular in any meaningful way.

My “eurorack” sat unused for months and months on end because it didn’t really do anything and I didn’t really know what I wanted it to do.

On the other hand, pissing $5000 up the wall is a great way to learn by doing.



I’d get a Rene sequencer and a Sinc Iter oscillator. Both are great. Just so happens I have these for sale too on here!