What to get next -> Perkons v Pulsar 23 v Octatrack

Hi Elektronauts,

I’m gassing strongly and will be getting another piece to the studio very soon. I thought I would ask the hive mind what you suggest. I have an option for Octatrack black or black Pulsar 23 or maybe even Perkons.

Octatrack i could get immediately as there is one available locally. The only thing is the seller mentioned he used it a lot for live performances (although he cared for it). Would that would you guys off?

Pulsar and Perkons both are in the higher price tier so there might be some additional saving time needed there. For The Perkons there is an issue with wait time as the availability is 5-7weeks at the moment in Thomann.

My aim sonically would be experimental, electro, DNB, jungle, breakbeat, deep techno, etc
and all sorts of rhythmic experiments.

I like the dark and futuristic, original palette of sounds from Pulsar. A big plus would be the modular concept of the machine.
Perkons seems to have that heavy overdriven analog/hybrid sound and leads itself stylistically almost exactly to what I would love to try.

Octatrack seems like a swiss army knife. For years I have been putting off trying this Elektron box. But temptation never left me. Big need for a proper sampler in the setup, although bitwig has been filling this function so far, Rytm mk2 too.

Current Setup:
Vermona DRM1 mk4, Lyra-8, Norand Mono, Behringer, rd-6, rd-8, rd9, Erica synths DB-01, Erica synths LXR-02, Erica Synth Zen Delay, Elektron Syntakt, Elektron Analog Rytm mk2, Elektron Analog Four mk2, Proco Little Rat, Bitwig

Thanks all :slight_smile:

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If you don’t get the Octatrack, you’ll never know. If you never know, you’ll always wonder. If you always wonder, you’ll always gas for it. If you always gas for it, it will always bug you.


it has been a good 5 years maybe I am considering octatrack. Alway s waited for the upgraded version and didn’t want to get “old” hardware etc. Went through Digitakt, Digitone and now i have my current elektrons but I have to say I love elektron boxes so maybe it would be a really nice choice. And as you say if I don’t try I will never know. Octa could be a perfect fit for mangling the glitch out of rhythms :slight_smile:
Although this money could go into 2022 technology like perkons for example…

Unless your Rytm is a MKii, it doesn’t look like you have a sampler. You’ve got drums covered nicely with your Rytm, Vermona and your LXR. (And all those other drum machines)

I’d say, unless you want to switch out some of your other drum machines for the Perkons or Pulsar, get an OT.


If you don’t yet have an Octatrack, I believe the answer is “Octatrack”.

Looks like you need an Octatrack!


Use Bitwig as your sampler, or the sample side of the Rytm. Get a Pulsar-23. :smiley:

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A glut of synths and a deficit of samplers.

The OT would love to ingest all of those sound makers. A plentiful buffet of Octafood at your fingertips.


Your reasons for wanting and putting off getting an Octatrack are boring and GASsy. Your reasons for wanting a Pulsar are joyous and exciting. You have loads of interesting gear and you’re happy using software so you don’t need anything.

Therefore, get the one that promises the most joy.


Screw joy, get an OT and suffer.


The correct answer is always Octatrack.



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Yeah, maybe you should try the Octatrack. It wasn’t for me but before i tried one i always thought about how great it could be for my workflow and couldn’t let it rest.

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It’s something about the sound of these 4 drum modules in Pulsar. the sound is often just what I like.
Similar to Perkons. From what I am hearing on YT demos it goes quickly to the audio territories I like to explore. Dark, brooding, Heavy, and quite unique.

But you are right I am missing a sampler that I can perform on.

I know :slight_smile: probably a question of when rather than if.

That is what is do now and I like it. Bitwig is mainly a recorder for it’s sampler or when I am putting the whole track together.

But i have a feeling I could connect with the sample material in a different way that I am doing now, if I would have a tool like octartrack. I have such a fun with the rest of elektron and coming up with fresh ideas in no time…

Yes that’s me :smiley: love it

This is so true. I record samples into bitwig and processing there but I am missing out on creative mangling samples the elektron seqencer way

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I think I feel the same and no amount of youtube videos seen or sound demos heard will change it…

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I am surprised no one mentioned Perkons. I was blown away when Erica synths have shown the machine for the first time. I thoigh thisis it, the holy grail. But the wait of a more than a year has cooled down my desire a bit, just a bit though :wink: I think if I could order ir without waiting time of a few weeks ut could be a different situation

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