What to moan about?

cup holder


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multiple outs in Overbridge for Cubase…

Seriously. I cannot for the life of me balance a beer on these pads. Velocity curve fail.

I wish it would sample… down on me
Oh how I wish it would saample
Down on mee

ability to load kits more quickly. Switching kit can be inspiring when stuck while jamming, but the kit load menu is a bit cumbersome especially if you want to try out several kits.

cup holder +1

and i want the impulse machine to trigger my coffee machine and in parallel my fridge :-))
connected man, connected :-)))

:+1: for sure +1
always the simplest day-in day-out basic things which make the biggest difference, this is a no-brainer, do it Elektron, do it !
Fn+[hold]Kit FTW (same mechanism as Fn+[hold]Sound for browser)

yep, consistency. total nobrainer :slight_smile:

what I’d like to see as a small extra, is the ability to keep the menu open after selecting a sound/kit. I.e. by holding function while pressing yes. Would save those multiple trips into the menu.

but yea minor thing…

Had a seriously stoned out jam with friends on a loud PA last night, the Rytm is absolutely killing it. Not moaning at all :+1:

Ability to have a complete backup with samples?

Really the ability to swap out the analog machines for another sample layer would be good. So 2x velocity layered samples per pad would be possible.

Rytm definitely needs more Elvis too.

Feature requests.

(Just kidding, always lots of valuable input!)

it doesn’t have an Elvis, but it does have a thing!
hint: not on the display.

and also the bit about keeping the menu open.
I wish kits were stored in a way that they could all be accessed at any time, in any project, and the list scrolled though while the pattern is playing, to try different kits/sounds with the currently playing pattern.
and +1000 on cup holder.

just found that the function+yes thing actually already works with sounds - cool! might be that this has found its way into 1.30 release version :slight_smile:

I’m about to pull the trigger on a AR and I would love the same thing that’s also missing from my AK:

Tempo saved with patterns.


It is much more important that this be implemented on the RYTM due to how important the tempo is in relation to sample lengths.

i’m having a legitimate moan about the, cough, lack of Amp Envelope Reset, cough … that would be just dandy :wink:

that’s a pull across from early A4 ux I thought :slight_smile:
but we’re on the same page, all the little things you may do a lot if you’re starting afresh are begging to be streamlined
I m going to have a huge flipping RANT if the default
is not shown the door in the next release :-1: :angry:
that is the most obnoxious aspect of any default on any machine I’ve ever known - every day I dive into that menu to wipe it away, grrrrrrrrr

I’m so flippin’ happy with the new update I only moan when my Rytms not immediately in front of me! :stuck_out_tongue: