When and how much?

Also, will it be available from retailers the same day it’s available from Elekron directly? I swear, I’ll buy it the same day it’s available from the Finnish retailer.

More info in the coming days!

Yes, Jon. But we want it NOW! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Anyway, I’m sold :joy:

How many outputs, Jon? And does it have CV?

Looks sweet. I reckon I’ll get one. :wink:

I think the Machinedrum has lost a fair bit of it’s value with the arrival of the Elektron Analog RYTM.

Stay tuned! More specs, etc, on NAMM.

what is the sample machine…I guess one shot limits ?
samples are processed by the analog filter I gather
is there a note repeat style function and what type of swing/groove is implemented
thanks elektron

Apples and Peaches!

I doubt the ar will feature ram sampling and the sampling options of the MDUW
some users said the ot would make the md redundant but this was not the case
I remember i actually fell into the trap of selling my MDUW and buying an ot
big mistake as the ot is a loop machine and not my cup of tea

Definitely. At least the UW-version has. I won’t be upgrading to a + Drive now though, that’s for sure! :slight_smile:

nice, need to sell something, definitely has a unique place in the line up irrespective of how good the A4 is for analog drums :slight_smile:

Hate to be that guy, but I’ve been predicting this machine almost exactly as it is for the past 8 months going back to the EU forum!!!

They’ll never say, but I’d like to think at least one of my long-winded, rambling posts about why X Company should make Y item struck a chord over in Sweden =)

But, guys, do you have to do this to me now? I just gave a pound of flesh to start a modular (and then some…).

This is too much. You know it’s going to have CV of some kind (GATE IN PLEASE)- then all the modular people will buy it instead of spending more than that on a full percussion section in their modular (well, you won’t need a full one anymore at least…)

Three things.

  1. 1 osc/voice without sync or FM/ring mod between voices will require there to be some pretty special synthesis parameters beyond A4, ala MD.

  2. Sample support - this won’t have analog inputs I’m sure, rather USB transfer of files and possibly resampling of voices and/or outputs. It may even be limited to as little as 2 voices for samples, doing the Elektron thing and limiting the usability of the instrument and protecting the OT’s functionality…

  3. “Performance orientated beat control”???

Also, those pads are capable of so much more than audio trigs. I’m excited to see how Elektron uses them…

I wouldn’t be surprised if there is no MIDI out (only clock) and that this is designed to be a stand alone drum unit and not a sequencer for external devices.

Damn! was really hoping it was going to be useless to me.

the real question is what do i do with my tempest now?! obviously i’m going to have a wait and see approach but this thing looks like something i would enjoy using a lot more. even though i love my tempest, i have found myself using the analog four for percussion simply because of the sequencer.

lol me too!

Hmm, I don’t really know up to now what this machine exactly will be…

Especially, how much sampling will be in there…

If it’s more of a MPC with analog filters, and pads for un/muting named tracks and sequences I am in.

If it’s an analogue drumcomputer with samples thrown in, and Pads only for finger drumming, I am out.

Let’s see what happens.

Anyway, it’s more interesting than what I expected…

I am going to go out on a limb and say this is going to be the most expensive machine in the current Elektron line.
8 voices- analog filter and distortion per voice.
Add sample capabilities…
Hopefully it has individual outs (but we’ll see)

We would be lucky if it costs as much as the Analog Keys.

I predict 1500€. If it’s that much, I buy it the day it’s released.