Where is my analog TR-909 kit?

I’ve got the “Divine” pack, not impressed with the 64 supplied samples.
Is there a synthesized TR-909 kit that sounds convincing?
a kit with the ROM extracted untreated TR-909 samples, completed with analog osc sounds would be great.

Luckily the 909 is probably the second most sampled drum machine of all time. Maybe have to build your own kit.


There are plenty sample packages available, raw, synthesized, from many sources. Example, there are some interesting kits in Ableton Live packages or NI Machine.

Why not try those synthesized sounds with the AR itself and the internal FX? Okay, the metallic sounds could better be samples, but the analog sounds ? … :wink:

Yeah I know, it’s dreaded, but still going strong…
Samples are there enough, but I don’t want to use my RYTM as a glorified sampler. I would like it done with the analog voices, though I’m not skilled enough to get even close. There was this effort after the 808 2 years or so, which was quite good, I was hoping someone more skilled than me would have done the same for the 909.
Where I suffer with the AR engines is that I can get the boom, but not the crispy clean 909 type midrange? It’s going from dark boomy more or less directly to glitchy resonant sounds, again, for sure my skills, but still hoping for that impressive 909 type analog engine kit.

I have to admit I was pretty disappointed with the Divine 909 sample pack too. I picked up some mega deal from Samples From Mars on all their drum samples and am quite happy with those.


Samples From Mars are 24 bit and can’t be upload into Rytm no ?

I haven’t had a problem…

Goldbaby best samples out there


I’m still holding out hope that @JustinValer will surprise us one day with an AR909 :nyan:

Until then, I am using my custom “pseudo909” sounds with the various cymbal samples I have… The toms and the snare are tough to nail but you can get something resembling the “spirit” of the 909 sounds with the rytm… The A4 gets you even closer…

What do you mean by “crispy” and “mid-range”?

It’s well known that all HH and Cymbals of the 909 are sample-based. It could be a challenge to recreate those with the AR-synth engines, if you want to get as close as possible.

If you would like to try it yourself on the other sounds again … have you checked all those different “modes” of the particualr machines? There is quite a difference, if you change parameters of basic timbre, sweep time, snap, tic, decay etc.

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Yes hihat and cymbals are 8bit samples if I remember right?

If you want a TR-909 sound with all the controls, why not just get a TR-09? They sound lovely, offer full control over the sound with some extras added, and the sequencer is really fun.


I know about the ROM samples, still looking for the ones extracted by Collin.
I had a TR-8 and it was fun, have seen the TR-9 and I might end up with one.
I’ve played with several sample packs, have a TR-909 kit in my Integra-7 as well, but it just surpises me that no one seems to have done an analog attempt together with the rom samples for the most authentic kit. We have this great analog drum machine and everyone settles with samples.

I’m not talented enough to get close to the 909 synthesized sounds. But I’m just suprised that no one has done it so far.
Regarding the tone, I feel the RYTM lacks midrange, it can be really wooly and dark warm with loads of bass. Or glitchy with resonant, but suffers a bit in the palette inbetween (from a synth perspective that is) I hear that in all the sounds of the different projects, but also find it when trying to program myself. Except for samples ofcourse.

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I found colins samples, I also ordered a TR-09 as I have been curious how it holds up. If it sounds like Drumazon I’ll send it back. I had the TR-8 before, but it missed the “clunkyness” of the TR-909, ir sounded to soothing/polished to me.


Seems to be a good decision … hope you like the TR-09.

They are samples, forgot what samplerate and bitdepth exactly tho. But the samples are played back by an exotic circuitry that is actually not trivial to reverse-engineer 100%, IIRC there are weird VCA behaviours and some sort of filtering going on within…? I once checked the schematics thinking I’d “model” the sample section but quickly gave up seeing how elaborate the circuits were.


Colins samples are 32khz and I would consider them as original as possible opposed to sampled versions, putting them in the AR and complement them with analogue versions of TR-909 attemps for the other instruments is what I would like to accomplish. The AR should not need TR-909 kick, clap and tom samples. It’s an ANALOG rytm fgs. Not some glorified sampler :slight_smile:
So this is my quest: compile / program a half decent voice / rom sample complemented TR-909 kit. :slight_smile:

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In the spirit of sharing, I googled the Colin Fraser’s original 909 ROM-samples for anyone who might be interested: http://www.colinfraser.com/tr909/my909.htm


Yes those are the ones I grabbed as well.
Now are there any AR808 Justin like attemps that can be shared as kit as a starting point?

IMHO the AR should be the better TR-909 of the bunch

Rytm’s peaking filter makes quick work of regaining the mid range.