Where is my analog TR-909 kit?

Yes, but always with that metallic resonant AR twist, which is absent in the TR-909.

Interesting, I think I’ve noticed this too… Often I find I need to notch out some nasty freqs with a tight q eq when multitracking the rytm. But the results are very much worth it!

However, I do not think this is because of the peaking filter. It’s something within the synthesis sound generation itself…

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I don’t think you are using the right frequencies if you’re getting resonant metallics out of the peaking filter.

Additionally, the overdrive promotes midrange. Best to use in conjunction.

How is your monitoring situation? My Genelecs give a good picture of where the peaking filter settings belong for a given sound.


Maybe I didn’t find the right sweetspots yet, room is fully treated and I’ve got full range TAD monitoring, received the TR-09 today, sounds great so far.

I vote for using samples.
You don’t gain anything from a 100% emulation if you’re going to stay in this tiny range of parameters that are considered pure-909. The AR far surpasses the 909 in all respects, but I know that’s not the point.

Upload a bunch of those sounds and tweak the filter slightly, here and there. Apply a little overdrive. Assign LFO (RND-HLD) to filter-cutoff to account for the natural phase-variance of the 909’s click. Definitely use the peaking filter to enhance the “thud” or “crack,” as AdamJay said. Et cetera…

It helps to remember: In the context of a mix, nobody knows/cares whether you’ve used Derrick May’s 909 or one from your iPhone.


I know, it’s just curiosity to see if it can be done. The RYTM IS the more advanced unit, just didn’t hear do it a convincing 909

The AR doesnt have the proper architecture to do a clean 909 kick. Personally i think the kick is pretty weak and punchless on the AR. So if you want a 909 then samples are your friend.

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have been playing the TR-09 for nearly a week now, perfectly fills the void. I let the RYTM be the RYTM for now…
focused on chains, songs and scratchpads atm.

Yeah, those are definitely the more interesting things in the rytm. Sample mangling, sequencing tricks, weird percussion sounds, that sort of things.

Wanted to bump this as I make left field, lo-FI house music and many times want that 909 punch on my kicks since it helps the kick cut when the highs are a little rolled off. I have spent a lot of time trying to get close, but I can’t seem to get that knocking punch that the 909 kick has.

This thread is older so I was curious if anyone has gotten closer lately.

I can get a really nice 808 style kick by using the classic machine and the click attack from an 808 (goldbaby dirt and layers pack).

Can’t seem to get the same formula going with the 909. I notice in Smexescope that the initial transient is longer and more full on a 909 that what I can get on the Rytm.

Anyway, it doesn’t have to be perfect, I’m just still trying to learn the machine and see what kind of kicks I can make. For now, I sampled the 909 kick from my TR8S. I feel like the 909 kick should be possible to get close to due to the analogue nature of both machines, but maybe I’m wrong.

Samples from Mars SP1200/TR-909 pack is one of my favorite 909 sample packs. That digital grit really makes stuff sound like it does on records.


Yeah i like that set too. Ever try to make a 909 Kick on the rytm?

Anyone tried using the DVCO to get closer?

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rytm kicks.syx (2.0 KB)

Here’s some kicks I made, not perfect but usable. You can load them with global -> sysex dump -> sysex receive then pick a dest.

If theres a particular sample you like share a wav and I’ll have a go


Not bad at all. I like how you used the classic drum to make them. I would not have thought of that. I think the attack on the RYTM is not the same, the 909’s is pretty interesting in terms of architecture. So I took yours and removed the attack, and substituted it for one from the 909. It’s very nice sound.

Thanks dude, yeah the attack I feel like you should be able to use the LFO with wav set to exp or ramp, mode to one and dst to amp attack but i never got it sounding right.

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Its tough. I read about how Roland made the attack on it a while back. Don’t remember the details but it was something like a triangle wave driven really hard. It was rather sophisticated.

That said if I need an exact copy I can just load a sample. The main thing for me is getting something with a similar punch and tight decay.

I just use the analog voices on rytm and make my own kits , and you’ll end up with some 909 sounding kits if all you listen to is acid techno and people who use 909s or the nava 909 clone

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The TR-909 plugin from rolandcloud is really good.

Anybody down to share some of your own created 909 alike Sounds for the Rytm? (Not samples) :wink:

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