Who should Elektron hire to demo products?

Following the departure/release of elektrons biggest names like Dataline, and now relative newcomer Ricky Tinez, who does everyone think would be the best at presenting Elektron products? Personally I care a lot less about personalities and faces and much more about demonstration of cool music that can only be made on elektrons. There’s a lot of really unremarkable tracks/videos online made with digis for instance that could be made on anything imo.

For me, User.Friendly.Sounds and Hoofei on Instagram both come to mind as interesting Elektron artists who really push the boundaries of the machines, performance and sound design-wise, in a cool way, and produce loads of videos, similar to Voltage Controller.

Anyone else come to mind?

Where is Hector?


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is Cenk available?


not sure how I missed this line… in that case…




Get my vote.


Lost Levels
Jogging House
Blush Response
Ivar Tryti
Voltage Ctrlr
Richard Devine


Me :see_no_evil:


I vote Baseck


The main problem I have with the Tinez Product Videos. His Style is just simple and straight. It just isn‘t interesting und doesn‘t show what those machines are capable of. Kind of boring. Sorry.
Cenk was not my style either but he was taking the machines to the limit at times at that was the pull faktor for a lot of people.


Me! lol
I have very little online presence but I have a lot of sound design experience (20 years this year and 4 years professionally) I’m the kind of person that can take any new electronic instrument and have it making excellent sounds with a nice groove in a matter of moments, I learn quickly and learn as I go I have a knack for picking up on the way electronic instruments work but I never finish tracks because I always get distracted by new ideas. Though I don’t know how to get into that as a profession, it seems like it’s not an option unless you already work at that company or already have a large social media presence, which is unfortunate because I feel like my bursts of creativity and the way my brain is wired makes me the perfect candidate for sound designing and product demoing.

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Just make a few Videos. If they are good, people will tell you. You just need a phone, a light and a synth.


I’d much rather have video manuals than musical performances, music is a very subjective thing and trying to cater to everyone’s musical taste is kind of a whole different endeavor than trying to teach people how to use an instrument. I’d like instruction, concise tutorials, and tips … I vote elektron get this guy


Hey, I’ve got those things!
I have been kicking around the idea of doing demos and showcases of various bits of my gear but then I wonder how it would get seen/heard, I feel like putting up videos on YouTube is like sending a bottle with a message into the ocean, unless one knows all the tricks of the algorithm which kind of turns me off to the idea of expending the creative energy and time on it, I don’t know maybe one day I’ll do it just to see what what happens. I do wish some of these gear companies were more open to letting people in to showcase and sell their gear for them

Naa thats Bullshit. Don‘t expect to be hired by elektron from the get go but expect to be seen. Take a synth you like and make something really good. Watch your sound and video qualiy, think of what you want to say, cut it the right way. Make it a bomb. Post it here and you can be shure it will be seen.

But most of all. Think of what all the others do, what you want to see and what is missing. Most gear videos are totally boring. Straight techno boring shit with the least amount of effort one can find. And the gear is always used the way it‘s intentended ti be used. Rarley any creative ideas.




I really missed a Cenk/sonicstate review of the Syntakt at launch so I vote for a time machine!


Jeanne :blush:


Pulse width modulation on every Elektron product!


Given how much club techno is produced on these machines I wonder why Elektron themselves are not doing some more marketing material in that direction?

Or are they? Not sure, never really indulged a whole lot in any of the synth-socialmedia bubble.

edit: or maybe even is that notion about Elektron and club techno my own bias, who knows.

I’ve just realized that the Nick Batt loves Pulse Width Modulation video is not available anymore!
wonder if there’s a mirror anywhere…

oh well, at least the equal Legowelt Synthesizer is still up.

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