Your Favourite Vegan Dish

Oil, hot in pan, add garlick and onions, wait 3 minutes. Add 1 can of kidney bones. Salt Pepper . 8 min for Dinner

A couple of tasty vegan lunches I often take to work involve minimal preparation and maximum yumminess (and nutrition).

A bunch of green leaves (spinach, watercress, rocket)
Some sliced veggie sausage
Half a red capsicum (diced)
Some pre-toasted seeds
A handful of sultanas.
Mix it alogether with some flavoured cous-cous (or cous-cous with a bit of vegetable stock crumbled in)


A bunch of green leaves
Some sliced tomatoes
Half a capsicum
Diced smoked tofu (ready to eat, like the sausages)
Sliced cucumber
Mix it altogether with a packet of instant noodles and flavour as required.

I love green stuff though, especially when mixed with red stuff :slight_smile:

Masala Dosa or Thali plate at my favorite Indian restau - but I’m not Vegan, I’m a true-blue carnivore! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yellow curry and cocos milk with sweet potato, cauliflower , dates and chickpeas. Next to some rice :wink:

Yum. Kidney bones. My favorite. :joy:

Yum. Kidney bones. My favorite. :joy: [/quote]
tickled :smiley:

Is grass-fed top sirloin vegan?
Oh, then never mind…

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today I took out the milk in my pizza crust and made it with water,flower, sugar, salt and yeast. The crust was better than ever.

Is yeast still vegan?

ur gonna need a kitchen for that vegan dish

Some of my favorite vegans are cows.

Some of my favorite vegans are cows.[/quote]
Yup, me too, some of my favorite dishes are vegans!

I am not vegan but a neapolitan pizza marinara, crust sauce and basil its one of the best pizzas in the world next to a margherita coming out of a 500°f brick oven

Was recently reading about green jackfruit

Have bought a couple of cans. Will give it a bash at the weekend.

not a vegan, but this has been a staple of my diet for years, sometimes several times a week. i love how easy the prep is, how clean it burns, and how energetic and satisfied i feel afterward.

500 ml of brown lentils in 2 liters of water. add 1 peeled yellow onion, 1 bay leaf and some peeled garlic cloves.

boil on low for 45 minutes, salting after 30. remove the onion and bay leaf.

heat up several spoonfuls of oil in a small pan and add 2 spoons each of powdered turmeric, cumin and curry powder. fry for 30 seconds. mix into the lentils.

you’re done. lasts 10 days in the fridge and tastes great with toasted bread, especially a slice of garlic naan. if you’re not a strict vegan i recommend a dollop of greek yogurt mixed into each serving. :slight_smile:

Yep - it’s a type of unicellular fungi.

Plants are sentient beings too you know. I usually just sit down to a tasty bowl of air.

I am a vegan level 8, and therefore eat nothing that casts a shadow!

[quote="" rex_mundii""]

Yep - it’s a type of unicellular fungi.[/quote]
If this is called ‘vegan’, then all vegans cant drink beer anymore

Yep - it’s a type of unicellular fungi.[/quote]
If this is called ‘vegan’, then all vegans cant drink beer anymore[/quote]
I meant its OK for vegans to consume due to it not being an animal product (apologies for any confusion caused)

Anybody that drinks water is feasting on the tears of mother earth.